Industry Reports

We have more than 175 company members across the advertising industry, from international networks through to local independents. We are committed to working on behalf of our members to promote the value of their work to clients, business and government.

Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules: To ESOV and Beyond

The first-of-its-kind report examines the importance of building mental availability, the relationship between extra share of voice (ESOV) and key business metrics, and how advertisers should be setting their budgets to grow.

Winning or Losing in a Recession

Two of the world’s leading authorities on advertising effectiveness have published their major new report and second installment of  ‘AUNZ Advertising Effectiveness Rules’. The first study to examine the implications of COVID-19 and the impending recession for the advertising industry on both sides of the Tasman.

Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules

This report is a first look at the new Australian Effies Database, and marks the only time anywhere in the world outside the UK that a report on advertising effectiveness will have validated the conclusions of Peter’s renowned research work with fellow effectiveness guru Les Binet.

Advertising Pays

This in-depth report examines the economic, employment and business value of advertising to the Australian economy, and how it can be used by business and government to achieve strategic objectives.

Salary Survey

The survey is intended to provide guidance for agency management in benchmarking salaries, assisting in the preparation of fair and competitive pay policies to attract and retain the best employees for the business. It is a valuable resource for planning and adapting business models to meet current and future resource demands.