Salary Survey

About the report

Advertising Council Australia’s annual Salary Survey is recognised as the largest collection of salary information for creative agencies in Australia. Conducted in partnership with Paprika Software, a leading global agency management system, the report represents a comprehensive market view of the advertising industry’s current pay practice.

The 2021 survey comprised data from 102 agencies nationally, across 182 positions and incorporated 4,333 staff salaries across permanent and part-time roles.

Key findings reveal that:

  • The average salary increased 4.9 percent over two years – a sign that Australia’s advertising sector fared well over the course of the pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. 
  • Turnover of staff dropped 16 percent over the two years, which is significant. This is estimated to be an impact of the pandemic and off the back of it, less redundancies and very few people leaving their jobs to instead opt for job security.
  • The industry is now comprised of 56 percent of females and 44 percent of males, which is consistent with 2019 data.
  • The number of women in senior management roles now sits at 33 per cent, which has been a steady increase since 2017.

ACA’s annual salary survey is intended to provide guidance for agency management in benchmarking salaries, assisting in the preparation of fair and competitive pay policies to attract and retain the best employees for the business. It is a valuable resource for planning and adapting business models to meet current and future resource demands.


How to order

This survey is only made available to the nominated senior management finance personnel of participating agencies. Agencies that do not participate in the survey will not be granted access to the full report. Participating agencies are bound to maintain the confidentiality of the report and are prohibited from sharing this report with any non participating companies, such as agencies within a network or third party suppliers.

The report is not made publicly available however some key findings may be used publicly by ACA as part of industry reporting.

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