Salary Survey

About the report

Advertising Council Australia’s annual Salary Survey is recognised as the largest collection of salary information for creative agencies in Australia. Prepared in conjunction with digital survey experts, The Digital Edge, this report represents a comprehensive market view of current industry pay practice.

The 2019 survey comprised data from 81 agencies nationally, across 180 positions with a total of 3903 staff.

The survey is intended to provide guidance for agency management in benchmarking salaries, assisting in the preparation of fair and competitive pay policies to attract and retain the best employees for the business. It is a valuable resource for planning and adapting business models to meet current and future resource demands.

Our survey is only made available to the nominated senior management finance personnel of participating agencies. Agencies that do not participate in the survey will not be granted access to the report.

The ACA does not provide access to the report for agency employees other than the nominated candidates. Individual requests for information must be made directly to the agency CFO or CEO. By participating in the survey, agencies are bound to maintain the confidentiality of the report.


How to order

The report is not made publicly available however, some key findings may be used publicly by ACA as part of industry reporting. Participating agencies are prohibited from sharing this report with any non participating companies, such as agencies within a network or third party suppliers.

For more information, contact Sara Lisboa on or (02) 8297 3800.