Which course is right for me?

Our professional development has a proven track record of developing the brightest and best in our industry. Uniquely, all our courses are developed and run by top-of- their-game industry professionals and constantly evolve to remain relevant to today's challenges.

Training framework

Nurturing creative thinking from entry-level through to leadership.


Led by senior industry leaders and with small class numbers, participants.

From fundamentals for new-starters through to challenging residentials for senior executives.

Areas and levels of study

ENTRY Level (0-2yrs)

AWARD AWARD School Application Workshop
IPA Commercial Certificate
AdSchool BESPOKE Art of Virtual Persuasion


AWARD Creative Leadership
AdSchool BESPOKE Art of Virtual Persuasion

ADVANCED (6-8yr+)

AWARD Creative Leadership

ENTRY Level (0-2yrs)

ACA The Foundation Series
AdSchool Core Strategic Planning
IPA Commercial Certificate
AdSchool BESPOKE Art of Virtual Persuasion


AdSchool Advanced Strategic Planning
AdSchool CX Strategy & Experience Design
AdSchool BESPOKE Art of Virtual Persuasion

ADVANCED (6-8yr+)

IPA Strategic Planning
IPA Eff Test

Types of training

Courses: Our face-to-face courses are run in an agency on consecutive weeks.

Workshops: Similar to our courses in that they are face-to-face but are only for one day or half day.

Bespoke Workshops:  Run in-agency or online these are short courses tailored to individual agency needs. Contact the ACA to arrange a time and tailor them to your needs.

OnlineLearn the skills you need to develop your career in our collaborative, virtual classrooms— our weekly sessions are a convenient way to upskill. All lectures and tutorials are held via Zoom at a designated weekly time. 

Residential: Our residential courses are intense learning sessions hosted in a hotel in a major city. Cost includes accommodation and meals. They have been designed so that you can remove yourself from your daily routine (even if you are based in the same city) and enjoy the opportunity to learn from your chairs, speakers and fellow delegates.

Graduate program: Jump Start WA is for university graduates ready to explore the advertising industry in WA. It is designed to give a balanced overview of the advertising industry, to help you chose your career path.


We can guide you on the optimal mix of courses for your agency. Helping you develop individual pathways for staff in all areas of advertising.

Contact Simone Goldstein for guidance.