Why We Exist


Advertising Council Australia is the peak body for Australia’s leading agencies in the advertising industry. Our purpose is to foster the long-term prosperity of the industry, making advertising the most valued professional services industry in Australia.

To advertise is to earn attention through cultural participation; as means and modes of connecting with audiences develop, industry reinvention is constant. Advertising Council Australia ensures that the will to challenge, the courage to take risks and our growing diversity of craft and talent does not erode the identity of our industry, but defines it.

We are committed to advancing the practice, reputation and influence of the advertising industry through career development, leadership, demonstrating the value our industry contributes to commerce and society and serving as a tireless champion of creativity.


Our vision & pillars
Purpose: To foster the long-term prosperity of the advertising industry.
Vision: To make advertising the most valued professional services industry in Australia.
Brand Positioning: Advertising as the catalyst for business transformation and economic growth.
Our Pillars

People Development

Attract and retain the right talent by developing genuine career pathways via knowledge sharing, accreditation and diverse perspectives.

Champion Creativity

Champion the role creativity can play in generating economic growth, embedding into culture and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Demonstrate Value

Prove advertising delivers significant value to brands and businesses thereby ensuring members are remunerated appropriately for the value they create.

Defining Advertising

Any answer to the question ‘what is advertising?’ is doomed to be shown inadequate before the ink dries. Constant change makes a definitive answer hazardous, and any industry built on creativity will naturally resist, or should resist, accepting boundaries.

We could say that advertising is ‘a channel agnostic activity taking place at the intersection of art and commerce, with the goal of exerting effective influence on audience and participant thinking or behaviour’ but where’s the fun in that?

Maybe the phrase ‘what is advertising?’ isn’t a question, but an open invitation to all disciplines, channels and specialities to throw their best definition into the ring.

Advertising then, is what works.

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