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To become a member of the Advertising Council Australia is to step up, acknowledge the shared responsibility we have in raising the standards of our industry, and participate in a vibrant creative community, committed to making advertising the most valued professional service in Australia.

How to join

All new memberships begin with a conversation. Please contact our Head Office or your relevant State representative to start that conversation.

Generally, membership fees are calculated on the Gross Income of your agency/business from the most recent year-end company financial statements. New members can join at any point during the year and fees will be prorated to align with the calendar year.



Fee Calculator
To get an indication of your fees please enter your agency’s gross income for the most recent year-end.


Regional membership is generally 50% of the national fee.
The minimum membership fee $4,000 excl GST.
Next steps

All members are required to fill in a member declaration form.

 Please return the form via email to

Contact us with any enquiries on +61 2 8297 3800