Cultural Capability Training


ACA & BlackCard are hosting in-person and virtual workshops that will ensure participants develop the skills needed to work effectively with Aboriginal people, businesses and communities.


Attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of storytelling in Aboriginal culture, become familiar with the core principals within Aboriginal Terms of Reference, and will put them into practice as part of a workshop that explores various scenarios that can arise within an agency. Importantly, the program will assist agency leaders to ensure their workplace is a safe and productive workplace for Aboriginal employees.


Members only 
Limited to 5 registrations per agency
Price: $385 incl. GST pp.
Workshop size: Max 25 people per workshop

Meet your Lecturers

Mundanara Bayles
Mundanara Bayles
Managing Director and co-founder of BlackCard

About BlackCard

BlackCard is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business certified with Supply Nation. BlackCard’s purpose is to work with people, not for people, within the genesis of Aboriginal Knowledge. BlackCard’s Aboriginal Knowledge strengthens ethical behaviour by enabling people to develop an understanding to undertake the same obligations and responsibilities to Land and to each other as Aboriginal people have practised for thousands of years.

What to expect

Participating delegates will attain the skill set required to effectively work with Aboriginal people, businesses and communities.

Delegates will receive:

  • A pre-workshop handbook
  • Activities, resources and videos via BlackCard’s Learning Portal
  • 30 days complimentary subscription to the Learning Portal Format
Course Content
  1. Introductions guided by Aboriginal Terms of Reference
  2. Importance of storytelling in Aboriginal culture
  3. Aboriginal Terms of Reference
        – Connection to Country
        – Identity
        – Governance/elders
        – Family
        – Community
  1. The impact of colonialism and past government policies
  2. What can you do as an agency to better engage with Indigenous communities using the Aboriginal Terms of Reference?
  3. Q&A
Who’s it for

This virtual workshop has been designed specifically for members of ACA who are interested in reconciliation and developing productive relationships with the Aboriginal community. It is suitable for any role in an agency. This is essential learning for anyone participating in a member RAP committee.


BlackCard’s Workshop is  a shared learning of Aboriginal Approaches to Knowledge. Deep Learning & Deep Listening enhances the attendees working relationships with all people not only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Dr Lilla Watson, Co-Founder BlackCard

Attending a workshop with Mundanara was a life-changing experience for Her deep understanding and commitment to her work is an inspiration as she welcomes us to walk in her world. Allowing everyone to open their eyes and ears to see things differently, while at the same time challenging many of our existing belief systems. Sarah Palmer, People & Culture Business Partner Publicis Groupe