The Brand Agency Account Manager Sarah Kappeler (pictured) has been appointed Youngbloods WA’s 2017 President.

Kappeler’s appointment kicks off 2017 alongside a fresh calendar of events, a new committee and reinvigorated focus on networking and education.

This year Youngbloods WA also welcomes fresh faces Anneliese Sullivan (AWARD School), Caitlin Totten (Marketforce), Clark Schoppe (Longtail), Karhlia Scata (Juicebox) and Tonje Holm (Meerkats) to the committee. These new additions are supported by long-term members secretary Adam McGlashan (JWT), treasurer Paige English (initiative) and events manager Emily Howat (Gatecrasher).
Kappeler said she is delighted to lead the team in 2017 and is confident the committee’s decision to focus on mentoring and education will greatly benefit WA’s young advertising community.

“This year we will pay close attention to the needs of university students, graduates and young professionals who are the future of our industry. And of course, bring back industry favourite events.”

The 2017 calendar includes favourites ‘Have a beer with…’ and ‘Get a taste of…’ with Juicebox offering up their insights for this year’s event, as well as hosting a meet and greet with one of the industry’s youngest global leaders.Youngbloods WA 2017 Calendar

Last year’s sell-outs ‘Sports Tournament’ and ‘Quiz Night’ will be back with a revamped format. The infamous ‘Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands’ is being reintroduced into the calendar with an exciting twist, alongside the feel good ‘Youngblood’s Blood Drive’ initiative. The year will round out with the ‘PADC Skulls After Party’ and ‘hit9.9 Event.’

Youngbloods WA would like to acknowledge departing members Chris Andrawes (co-chair), Ashley Allen (co-chair), Andrea Bradbury, Rebecca Grapiglia and Emma Fry, and thank them for their contributions.

All under 30s (and those young at heart) across advertising, communications and media are encouraged to visit the Youngbloods WA Facebook page, and subscribe to Youngbloods WA for invites and updates. Click here to join.

Young Bloods Committee WA 2017

Pictured left to right: Clark Schoppe (Longtail), Tonje Holm (Meerkats), Anneliese Sullivan (AWARD School), Caitlin Totten (Marketforce), Emily Howat (Gatecrasher), Paige English (Initiative), Sarah Kappeler (The Brand Agency), Karhlia Scata (Juicebox) and Adam McGlashan (J.Walter Thompson).