Monday 06 March 2017

Attracting talent and secrets to successful client relationships – our picks from around the web

We scoured the web for the most interesting recent stories on talent attraction, retention, and agency best practice. Here they are in case you missed them.

‘Attracting young talent to the industry’ and ‘Media companies are like leaky buckets’ – AdNews

AdNews have made some interesting points recently when it comes to recruitment. When asked for this piece how the industry stacks up with the increasing perks offered by tech firms, GPY&R’s Bart Pawlak sums it up: “In advertising, there are people willing to pay you and celebrate you for being just the way you are. For doing what you love to do. For being creative.” Meanwhile, Maxus Sydney’s Drew Usher questions why the industry keeps ‘fighting for a finite group of people and are constantly trying to fill holes’ rather than making more efforts ‘attract people of all levels with more transferable skills’.

On that note, Dan Lyons of Fortune points out how today’s “mega companies are investing heavily in ‘employer branding’, marketing themselves to job seekers with the same fervor they use to woo customers” – with a lot of success. Is it a coincidence then that such ‘mega companies’ as Facebook and Netflix feature highly in Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list?

‘Teams, clients and cash – how to manage the three pillars of agency life’ – Digiday

The smartest thing you can do as a creative is understand how money flows into and out of your agency, consultant George Swisher writes in Digiday US. Once creatives understand finances, he says, then they’ll know how to contribute to it and focus on doing the kind of work that drives revenue and develops careers.

Secrets to a steady (client-agency) relationship – Campaign Live
Marketing consultancy R3 examined the world’s 40 oldest client/agency relationships in Asia-Pacific to understand the secrets of the blissfully wed in these trying times of trends and temptations.

How PR Is Changing: 3 Modern PR Companies That Are Redefining The Industry – Forbes
Forbes contributor William Arruda praises three modern PR companies and the approaches they’re taking to redefine the industry, from content marketing to analytics.

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