We put this million dollar question to three of the industry’s leading media strategists to get to the bottom of how to define – and land on – a good strategy.

Jordan Price, executive planning director, BWM Dentsu:

“The measure of good strategy is not under the strategist’s direct control, so ‘finding a course of action with best chance of success’ – the typical definition of what strategy is – is only actually a small part of good strategy. Though an essential first step, a far greater part of good strategy is manufacturing influence. Easier said than done.”

Alex Wood, strategy director, DT:

“According to its definition, good is to benefit someone or something. So in order to determine what is ‘good’ we must first determine our objective – when creating X strategy, who are we trying to benefit? The client? Mankind? The agency? Ourself?

Christine O’Keefe, senior strategist, GPY&R Melbourne

“In my mind ‘good’ strategy is strategy that delivers on what it needs to. So good strategy meets an objective, whatever that objective may be.

“However where I think we slip from making good strategy is in its transition from paper to delivery into the world. I think most strategists can write good strategy that will meet the objective it needs to, but there are many obstacles that get in the way delivering good strategy. So the end result actually becomes ‘bad’ strategy or watered down strategy, leading to watered down results. So ‘good’ is only as good as it is able to be delivered into the world.”

What do you think makes good strategy? Add your thoughts to the debate at APG’s ‘Beers with Planners’, in Melbourne on Thursday March 2, featuring Jordan Price, Alex Wood and Christine O’Keefe.