Tim Williams: Agency remuneration and the talent crisis

1 HOUR + 15 mins Q&A

To solve The Great Resignation, agencies need to build a more scalable business model, starting with the way they get paid.

The cause of staff departures is often the agency business model itself. Whereas most modern businesses have a dynamic, multi-faceted pricing structure, agencies typically adhere to billing rates – a self-limiting inventory of hours they sell to clients that places a self-imposed ceiling on income and profits.


Founder of Ignition Consulting Group Tim Williams will show agency leaders how they can replace their current billing system with a true revenue model, pricing their services based on the value they create rather than the costs they incur.

The result is a profit margin that will allow agencies to compete more effectively with other businesses for top talent. 


Topics covered include how:

  • Moving away from “billable” remuneration results in a higher degree of employee satisfaction
  • Providing external value (not guesstimates) allows employees to flourish
  • A revenue model aligned to economic incentives and financial benefits helps to avoid employee burnout.
Who it's for

Agency leaders and managers (including those in finance and operations) as well as other senior professionals who are on the front line negotiating pricing with clients.

About Tim Williams

Tim Williams is one of the world’s leading authorities on business and pricing strategies for professional service firms. His workshops have been attended by business audiences across the globe, and his books and articles have helped inform the strategies and business models of thousands of firms. In his role as founder of Ignition Consulting Group, Tim has worked with firms ranging from mid-size independents to multinational agency networks.

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