Fire! Ready! Aim! Whatever happened to strategy?

The Account Planning Group WA and Advertising Council Australia are proud to present an intimate evening in Perth on 17 November with legendary strategist Jon Steel, who will share his compelling insights into the past, present and future of strategy.


About the event

Over four decades and across three continents, Jon Steel has helped create famous and highly effective campaigns for some of the world’s influential brands. All of these campaigns were built on a solid strategic foundation – something that he feels is sadly lacking in much of today’s work. Effective marketing communications is all about creating active connections between brands and people, but with many agencies and clients choosing to worship at the altar of technology and data, and paying little more than lip service to humanity and culture, such connections are increasingly difficult to identify or create.

Jon will share his thoughts on these issues, before engaging in a Q&A on the past, present and future of strategy in business.