Codes & Regulations

We have more than 175 company members across the advertising industry, from international networks through to local independents. We are committed to working on behalf of our members to promote the value of their work to clients, business and government.

Competion and Consumer Act 2010
The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) is the central piece of legislation relevant to Australian advertising, and covers the relationships between suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and customers. Its purpose is to promote fair trading and competition, and provide protections to customers. 

AANA Code of Ethics
The AANA Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of the advertising self-regulatory system, and is supported by advertisers, media agencies, creative agencies and media owners across Australia. It applies to any medium as per its definition. The Code is supplemented by a number of product-specific codes, and is underpinned by an independent complaints handling system administered by Ad Standards.

Ad Standards & The Community Panel
Ad Standards administers the AANA’s national system of self-regulation, and manages the complaints resolution process. Ad Standards functions as the secretariat for the AdStandards Community Panel and the AdStandards Industry Jury – two independent bodies established to determine consumer and competitor complaints against the AANA Codes.