Codes & Compliance

The ACA Codes and Compliance members-only workshops and resources are a key component of the ACA’s professional development program and a critical ingredient in maintaining the highest ethical standards for the industry.

Working in association with the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) and Media Federation Australia (MFA) we educate our members on the AANA “Code of Ethics” (which is the overarching code that all advertising and marketing communications (regardless of channel) should adhere to), as well as the supplementary codes for advertising goods/services which have a higher standard of social responsibility; and channel-specific codes.

Understanding the codes and complying with the system of self-regulation is crucial for the industry to ensure that advertisements and marketing communications are legal, decent, honest, and truthful, and have been prepared with respect for human dignity, an obligation to avoid harm to the consumer and society, and a sense of fairness and responsibility to competitors.


This one-hour members-only interactive workshop is delivered online and covers a range of topics including the ACCC Competition and Consumer Act on misleading and deceptive conduct and Section 2 of the AANA Code of Ethics.

Participants are given a broad overview of the legislative and self-regulatory landscape and then guided through a curated selection of case studies and examples to provide greater context on prevailing laws and codes – and what happened when brands got it wrong!


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