Monday 23 October 2023

“What a competition it was”. Agencies face off in netball showdown

By Georgia Payne, Copywriter, Cummins & Partners.


“Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters and good netball players.”
(Team) Ogilvy

On Friday 6 October, 16 hungry teams (most notably VMLY&R) descended upon Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre with sports tape in hand and trophy in mind for the annual ACA Agency vs Agency Netball Competition.

And, boy oh boy, what a competition it was.

Warmups were (mostly) scarce. Refs were (justly) disgruntled. Egos were (probably) bruised.

It’s true that those who have had a taste of glory inevitably find themselves wanting more. Last year’s champions Wunderman Thompson, again made their way to the semi-finals. Here they met a band of pirates, better known as TBWA. Tied at the 5-second mark, TBWA nabbed a goal, knocking WT off their throne and advancing to the grand final against CHEP Network, lesser known as “Pete’s World”.

We were living in Pete’s World at the halfway mark, with CHEP up by 1. However, TBWA weren’t going to go gently. Spurred on by a passionate cheer squad, the pirates flipped the lead in the second half. But CHEP answered back with an equaliser at the minute mark. Captain Alana Taylor wasn’t going to let that slide and scored a match-winning goal at the pointy end cementing TBWA as this year’s ACA Agency vs Agency champions.

Equally as fierce was the off-court, best-dressed competition. Reigning champs VMLY&R ditched the gold paint and instead raided the office cupboards to form Snack Attack. And Fenton Stephens paid a touching tribute to Ben Stiller as the Purple Cobras. This was one tie that could not be broken with best-dressed being awarded to both agencies.

As our muscles tightened and the rivalries died down, we settled into the generous sips, snags and songs by Tom Mac provided by the event sponsor, Peach.

And to next year’s challengers, the ball is in your court.

For more information and to get involved in 2024’s Agency vs Agency Netball Competition, contact Amy Lee:

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