Newcastle barista Lucas Fowler always wanted to get into advertising but didn’t know if he had what it takes until he came across AWARD School. The 2018 NSW Top Student and National Finalist shares his advice for aspiring creatives.

Why did you want to get into advertising?
I’ve always wanted to be creative, and I’ve always loved writing and coming up with ideas that were a bit different. I used to get really into The Gruen Transfer and I realised advertising was this mass-scale creative machine that can obviously be quite persuasive but has the power to do so much good. Plus, coming up with funny ideas all day as a job just appeals to the child inside me.

How did you come across AWARD School?
I went to UTS and studied Advertising as well Creative Intelligence & Innovation and it wasn’t until I did a little internship at Edelman where someone was like you have to do AWARD School. I was like what is that? So I applied and got in which was amazing.

You attended the application workshop before applying to AWARD School – how did this help you with your entry?
I cannot value the workshop more highly in applying for AWARD School. I know for a fact that without the lessons learnt from that workshop I wouldn’t have made it into the course.
On a journey to being the best creative you can be, the workshop is one of the best first steps. The workshop is literally the performance-enhancing drugs of the application into AWARD, it’s legal – so why wouldn’t you?

How would you describe yourself as a creative?
I believe I’m just an ideas person. I define myself as a copywriter because I love writing down my ideas in a neat list, but I also think visually and musically. I think my most important trait as a creative is I’m not attached to any idea I come up with; if someone tells me that an idea is no good, I’ll start from scratch and find a better idea.

Any tips for aspiring students wanting to submit their application for next year?
My advice to possible applicants for next year is to just do it because it’s literally so much fun. I think it’s extremely important as a creative to be very open to criticism when it comes to your ideas – if you don’t do something like AWARD School you might be in your own little bubble. But it’s important to have people in the industry to help you bring out the good ideas and to provide constructive criticism.

Were there any moments that you doubted yourself throughout the 12-week course?
There were definitely times when I doubted myself. I think there may have been maybe one breakdown, but I bounced back from it and just enjoyed the ride.

Finally, where are you working now? Or hoping to work in the near future?
I’m still very much available and meeting with agencies to find my perfect fit. I’ve partnered up and in the process of applying for agencies that do work I want to be a part of.