Thursday 31 August 2023

The blueprint for becoming a dynamic leader

Clare Robinson, Founder and Head Coach, Clarety Coaching & Consulting and facilitator, IPA Business & Agency Leadership.


Right now we are challenged more than ever as leaders.

“Be confident, own your voice, lead with purpose, empower others, and oh – get the business results while you are doing it!”

The demands on us can be relentless, spike our working hours, increase stress and leave us stuck in the daily grid fighting fires.

If it sounds familiar, I hear you, I’ve been there.

Throughout my first career, I worked hard and was successful in my craft of strategy. I was promoted without asking for it and was gradually given more people to manage, business to run and senior stakeholders to influence.

I had all the skills I needed to succeed in my specialist areas but no one gave me the blueprint to become a great leader and influence at an executive level.

My model was to put more hours in and say ‘yes’ to everything and soon the cracks started to appear. I became exhausted, lost the joy and ultimately became disenfranchised. I was juggling way too many plates and they were starting to drop. I felt like I was failing on all fronts and imposter syndrome crept in.

I remember the sinking feeling I would feel in my stomach as I walked into boardroom meetings. Did I belong here? Ultimately, I was just surviving my weeks and I knew I needed help and something had to change!

By chance, a friend invited me to an event where I met my first leadership coach. In going through this process, I realised that many of us are never given the roadmap we need to become great leaders and that, in fact, the key to being a great leader actually comes from working on yourself. Figuring out what lights you up from the inside out and overcoming the negative self-talk that might be holding you back.

In the last 10 years running my own business, being coached, trained and mentored myself to become a master coach – and having the privilege of training and coaching thousands of leaders – I’ve learned that there is a blueprint to successful leadership.

That is, there are key skillsets, tools and mindsets that can help you navigate these new situations, and it’s critical to be surrounded by a community that will support you and help stretch you to grow.

When you have these things you can lead with energy, clarity and confidence. When you have these things you can step into a more luminous version of yourself and that’s the process we want to work through with you in this leadership course.

Day 1 is all about YOU. It’s designed for you to have the space and time to understand who you want to be as a leader. It’s the blueprint to quieten down the noise and lead by your design and better understand what’s important to you in “showing up”.

You’ll identify your values and own your strengths so you can lead from a place of intention, energy and purpose. Of course, that sounds good on paper but we all know that negative inner voice in our head can hold us back and keep us playing small. So we’ll also be exploring our beliefs and learning how to adopt new ways of thinking that can drive our behaviour to step forward into the next-level leader you know you can be.

From this foundation, the program will layer the skills, tools and mindsets of some of the best leaders in the industry and other experts in transformational leadership, to equip you to succeed as a team, agency and at an industry level.

Lindsey, Laura, the IPA team and I can’t wait to support you on your leadership journey.


Clare Robinson is one of Australia’s most respected executive leadership coaches and a facilitator of IPA Business & Agency Leadership – an unmissable 3-day course that equips tomorrow’s agency leaders with the skills to build and lead a resilient, forward-thinking business. September 10-12, Sydney. Learn more here.

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