Myles Pollard, best known for his roles in Aussie TV classics McLeod’s Daughters and Home and Away, has a thing or two to teach advertising executives about communicating with confidence. He shares his seven key insights with us.

1. Active listening

Being present and in the moment with your attention 100% on the other person helps you pick up cues and really hear what the other person is saying.

2. Observation

When your attention is on the other person you become less self-conscious. At this point your skills of observation heighten and your ability to understand a client or work colleague increases.

3. Body language/first impressions

Understanding how nerves and anxiety inform and dictate your own body language is the first step in creating a positive first impression. When you are in control of your own body language you can then effectively control the rest of your message.

4. Public speaking

Being comfortable in an uncomfortable environment can be hugely empowering. Most actors suffer badly from nerves in performance and public speaking, but have highly tuned skills and self awareness to ultimately control their emotional state. This enables them to speak confidently, articulately and dynamically in public even though the process may often be challenging.

5. Self-analysis and criticism

Being able to observe what you do in heightened situations is very powerful. Self analysis is a valuable tool in stopping habits and affecting change. Once you know what you do in challenging situations, you then have the ability to change or refine it.

6. Intentions and objectives

Understanding exactly what it is you want from a client or a colleague is as instrumental as the tools you may use to achieve that objective. When you know what you want and have steps to achieve it, conversations, pitches and interactions become efficient and grounded.

7. Authentic voice

When you are comfortable in a communication space, with all your attention focused squarely on the other person, your natural personalty follows suit. Your own independent and unique personality is one of your biggest assets.