ISODATES is a new initiative presented by The Communications Council. A series of 12 intimate online conversations with the industry’s finest, ISODATES is aimed at providing our industry’s leaders of tomorrow with an exclusive opportunity to access the thinking and experience of today’s luminaries. We caught up for a brief isochat with Laura Aldington, CEO Host/Havas, the brains behind the unique ISODATES series.

TCC: How did you first come up with the idea for ISODATES?

Laura: The idea for ISODATES came out of a Board discussion about the various ways in which The Communications Council could support its member agencies during a challenging time. One issue that agency leaders are facing is a lack of external training options to continue developing their agency’s top talent, and indeed, most are facing a lack of budget to participate in them if they do exist.

And whilst our member agencies are all full of excellent talent who can provide in-house training, we receive a lot of feedback that delegates who attend external training get invaluable exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking from outside their four (now virtual) walls which they can then apply back at the ranch.

TCC: Who is the ISODATES series primarily aimed at, and what are its main goals?

Laura: ISODATES was designed to provide access to industry thought-leaders from not just agencies, but from top clients, production company heads, world class recruiters, and seasoned media experts.

Its purpose is simply to provide additional inspiration, stimulus and input for the up-and-coming stars in our industry who are keen to continue their learning and development into leadership roles whilst WFH.

It sets out to tackle some of the big industry questions, from value-based pricing, to creating a thriving culture, from agency transformation to managing your own career, from developing creative talent to producing the impossible…and much more.

We’ve kept the sessions deliberately intimate to allow for a more open discussion, with the chance for participants to ask burning questions and share ideas of their own.

ISODATES is available exclusively to members of the ACA Further details can be found in Events & Webinars.