Young Brisbane duo Kale McRedmond (art director) and Anais Read(copywriter), of Publicis Worldwide, have spearheaded a new Christmas campaign for Australian charity, Act for Kids.

Both McRedmond and Read graduated AWARD School in 2017, and the two are now teamed up at Publicis Worldwide in Brisbane, and already making a mark in the industry.

‘One Less Present’ is an initiative which asks just that – for Aussie families to buy one less Christmas present this year, and instead give the money to kids at risk of child-abuse and neglect.

The mainstay of the campaign is a two-minute, captivating film of kids being asked what they want for Christmas, then being asked what they would give away to kids who aren’t so lucky.

McRedmond, who also directed the film, says the idea was born from a clear insight. “Every year I’m inundated with novelty socks, scented candles and a wide range of cheap cologne. Would I notice if there was one less present this year? Probably not. Would that money be better spent on giving life-changing therapy to abused children? Definitely.”

“We seem to care more about the number of presents under the tree, than the number of kids who won’t actually have a Christmas. It’s been humbling to work for such a good cause,” Read added.

The campaign aims to increase donations for Act for Kids at a time where families are most strapped for cash.

You can watch the film and give up a gift at