Monday 15 May 2023

Industry galvanised in support of accreditation.

“This is going to be very well received by brands and clients. It’s the kind of stuff that you expect and demand from your partners.” Jenni Dill, CMO, Arnott’s & AANA Board Member.

As part of ACA’s launch of its new industry-wide accreditation program, guests packed Publicis Groupe in Sydney last Thursday night to hear from a respected panel of industry leaders.

AANA CEO Josh Faulks, ACA CEO Tony Hale, Special Australia CEO Lindsey Evans, Arnott’s CMO Jenni Dill and ACA Deputy & Accreditation Committee Chair & Publicis Groupe ANZ CEO Mike Rebelo gave their perspectives on professionalism in advertising and the meaning and impact of accreditation – as part of a session moderated by Shapeshifter Consulting Founder Al Crawford.

Talent, client attraction and the impact on broader society became talking points in a night filled with debate, discussion and agreement that a path forward for better professional standards in advertising is crucial to the future of the industry.

Key takeaways from the evening:

  • Michael Rebelo, Advertising Council Australia Deputy Chair, Accreditation Committee Chair and Publicis Groupe ANZ CEO: “What we’re trying to do with accreditation is really focus on how we do business, how we go about our day-to-day and create sound workplaces that look after our people and clients, and focus on the inputs to try and lift professionals standards.

“This has been in the making for three years. We’ve got the thinking and the framework, and the mood of the industry is right. We’re in a great place to look at how we strive for greater things and become better professionals in this business. There’s no time like the present.”

  • Lindsey Evans, CEO, Special Australia: “The accreditation start point is a really good entry point for any agency, regardless of its age, geography, independence or ownership structure. There isn’t and shouldn’t be any business in our industry that isn’t interested in progressing our future and growing quality, trust and credibility for the next generation of talent.

“It’s not too difficult for agencies to participate in. Many have welcomed it for the standard and professionalism in demonstrating that it’s not just what we do but how we do it.”

  • Jenni Dill, CMO, Arnott’s & AANA Board Member: “Accreditation in advertising is going to be really well received by brands and clients. If you’ve worked client side, particularly if you’ve spent 25 years in big multinationals, this is what you expect and demand from your partners.”

“It will help build confidence through the whole client system that your partners are doing the right thing in the right way and still getting amazing business results that we expect, but not risking anything that we have worked hard over two to three decades to build and perfect.”

  • Josh Faulks, CEO, AANA: “I think the advertising industry definitely has an image problem. Nearly every reputation, survey and trust metric puts the industry near or at the back of the pack. Is it justified? I don’t think so. But that’s what the perception of advertising is at the moment. We need to talk more about the good that the industry does as well as raise professional standards because then we can point back and say this is how we do things – it’s not just about the work we create.”


  • Tony Hale, CEO, ACA “If you’re setting standards and raising the bar, you have to assist every agency, large or small, to reach those levels – not just holding companies or international brands. No agency or business can be left behind in the pursuit of professional excellence. This is about inclusion, not exclusion, but there is work required. If you aren’t match-fit for accreditation now, the expectation is that every agency will work towards some level of accreditation over the course of their life cycle.”


To find out more about ACA’s Accreditation program, and for helpful tools and resources, visit ACA’s Accreditation Member Resource Hub here.

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