Grow up in the country.

Discover commercial radio is a degree.

Find out that copywriting is a job and AWARD School is a thing.

Stop using ‘Ps get degrees’ as a mantra.

Learn about self-actualisation in buyer psych subject.
Finish uni.

Get a job at a commercial radio station in Canberra where you have somewhere to stay, with your sister.
Get a cat.

Realise you don’t get paid enough to take cat to vet.

Get a better paying graduate job in government.

Apply for AWARD School. Get in.

You can’t get time off work to drive to Sydney and do AWARD School.

Cat’s health is tracking well.

Work in operational policy where you feel welcomed by the people, but not by the work.

Change to a communications job where you feel welcomed by the people and the work, but you’re still not an advertising creative.
Apply for AWARD School. Don’t get in.

Watch Gruen and see the job you don’t have.

Stop watching Gruen.

Play Sims.

Realise your Sims characters are reaching self-actualisation. Feel conflicted about the amount of time you’ve spent on this.

Quit Sims and spend every spare minute you have on your AWARD School application.
Get in.

Move to Brisbane to do AWARD School where you have somewhere to stay, with your uncle.

You definitely don’t fit in here but everyone’s nice.

Ideas, ideas, ideas, watching ABC on Wednesdays with uncle, ideas.

It’s probably a bird living in the roof.

Wish you’d written the best radio ad in your class, instead of the boat builder who did.

Turn uncle’s record player and IKEA lamp into lightbox (doesn’t go down well).

Make sure you sleep between 4am and 7am in the last few days before books are due.

Hate life.

Hand book in.

Love life.

Get a job in advertising.

Josie Burns is Host/Havas Sydney’s associate creative director and AWARD School Co-Head.

Award School 2019 Call for Entries