Emma Davis (QLD) was working in media agency world for 10 years when she decided to build on her experience and learn something new from a different perspective. Seeking opportunities to engage with like-minded creatives, Emma enrolled in the AdSchool Advanced Strategic Planning before starting her new role on the publisher solutions side. She provides her key takeaways here.

TCC: What has it been like transitioning from agency to publisher side?

ED: Over my career I have worked on client side, agency side and also publisher. This is my second stint on publisher side and this time outside of sales. It has been an exciting change moving away from agency this time, working in a position that uses all my skill-sets I have developed across planning, strategy, and insights. Being able to contribute to client relationships and bring a good understanding of client and agency pressure points offers a lot of value to a publisher.

TCC: Do you work directly with agencies in your new role?

ED: Every day I work in a team that builds creative solutions for agencies and their clients, across the SCA assets nationally. It’s exciting and dynamic work that offers continuous challenges depending on the client, brief and solutions we build. We believe in insight-led ideation and my contribution is crucial to delivering the “why” on our campaign responses to clients.

TCC: How has up-skilling helped you when approaching campaign briefs?

ED: It has helped me look at briefs from a different perspective,  not just looking at it as a media solution but broader – appreciating the role a brand plays in a consumer’s life and at what points we can impact to trigger change and purchase. I have a natural desire to question a brief, challenge an agency strategy and dig a little deeper into why people do what they do. It often opens up for some great conversations.

TCC: What are your key takeaways from the AdSchool course? How are you implementing them in your day-to-day?

ED: Interrogating the brief back to brand level. Understanding different approaches to advertising solutions. And consumer thinking and understanding of their behaviour – this is crucial!

TCC: What is your advice to agencies now that you are working from publisher side?

ED: The greater the sharing of business challenges and comms strategy the better the response from a publisher. And don’t be channel led when developing a comms plan – be open to connecting with consumers in unexpected ways – challenge a channel!

TCC: What could people do better when giving briefs and working on campaigns?

ED: Provide more time to work collaboratively together – earlier in the process. Often the best responses are a team effort across all invested parties.

The AdSchool Advanced Strategic Planning eight-week course is aimed at more experienced planners/ professionals (3+ years) who want to expand their skill set and their horizons and make an impact as a strategist at a senior level.