Sunday 28 November 2021

Create Space – your questions answered

Today, ACA is holding Australian advertising’s first-ever industry census – the Create Space Census. Conducted in partnership with global insights agency Kantar, the anonymous census will provide a true representation of the demographics and experiences of professionals across the sector with a focus on diversity and inclusion within the industry. Importantly, we’re asking everyone in the industry to take part. Find out more about the census and how you can get involved here. Some frequently asked questions that we’ve received are below with answers.

  • How/where do I access the census on the day to complete it? 

The Create Space Census is available to access and complete on the website

  • How long does the census take  – 20 minutes or half an hour?

It takes 20 minutes to complete but we recommend scheduling half an hour in your diary to ensure you have enough time to complete it. You won’t be able to stop and return to the census so once you commence, it must be completed in one go.

  • Is it really anonymous? Can my agency see my data or responses?

The census is 100% anonymous and confidential. No data will be available for any agencies or individuals to access.

  • What if I can’t complete it on census day?

The census will remain open for two weeks until midnight on Wednesday, December 15. You have a full two weeks to complete it, but we’re encouraging everyone to seize the day and complete it today.

  • Who can complete the survey?

The census is open to everyone who is currently, or has recently worked in the advertising, PR, media and marketing industries. This includes people who work for themselves, at an industry body or association, an in-house agency, a production company or in a marketing team.

  • What will my responses be used for?

The anonymous results will inform a Create Space report and action plan that will launch in the first half of 2022 and will tackle the priority areas of inequality and under-representation with simple and measurable actions. The remaining areas of focus will be supported by industry working groups and a commitment to measuring and reporting on the ad industry’s progress on diversity and inclusion every two years.

  • Will I get access to the report and action plan?

Yes, the report and action plan will be available for anyone in the industry to access.

  • When will the report be available?

Depending on the volume of responses we receive, we anticipate publishing the full report in April 2022.

  • What are the key areas that the census looks at?

It will uniquely collate data on gender identity, social and ethnic backgrounds, mental health and family status with experiences of inclusion at work, revealing strengths, pinpointing gaps and highlighting priorities for focused and immediate action industry-wide.

  • Is ACA collecting the data?

No. The Create Space census is being conducted by Kantar, one of the world’s leading research agencies.

It will utilise the award-winning Kantar Inclusion Index – a unique survey design proven to gather the most authentic answers about how people really feel about their current roles and team cultures.

So far, the Index has been used to survey 18,000+ respondents across 24 industries and 14 countries, and is the benchmark for research into the working lives of people around the globe.

By using Kantar’s methodology, the anonymous Create Space census will provide rich data on how Australia’s advertising and marketing industry is faring when it comes to diversity and inclusion. It will also show us how we compare with other industries in Australia and around the world.

  • Why should I complete this survey?

If you want your perspective reflected in the Create Space report and action plan, you must participate in the census. We want our data to represent everyone who makes up our industry – not just a small group of interested individuals. Australian advertising’s first-ever diversity and inclusion census is a unique opportunity for you to be heard, and help us qualify the size and shape of the issues, so we can direct energy and resources towards immediate and tangible action. 

The census is 100% anonymous and can be completed in just 20 minutes. 

What do I do after completing the survey?

High five yourself. Then – if you’re feeling flush with pride at doing your bit for D&I – share your completion on Social Media using one of our participant creative tiles, and ask everyone  to follow your lead. Use #createspaceaustralia #diversityandinclusion and tag @advertisingcouncilaustralia.

I’m really interested in D&I. How can I get involved? 

ACA will be assembling industry working groups in 2022 to help develop action plans for the biggest areas for improvement eg Age, Gender, Disability, Social Mobility. We will also partner with groups and organisations working in these spaces. Contact ACA in early 2022 to express interest or share expertise.

  • I’m having problems with the survey / website. Who do I contact?

Send an email to and we’ll get back to you.

Create space in your diary on Wednesday, December 1 to complete the census and help make Australia’s advertising industry more inclusive and diverse for everyone.

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