Thursday 05 October 2023

Create Space Census to chart industry progress on diversity and inclusion

Advertising Council Australia (ACA) has announced that the next Create Space Census will take place on Wednesday 1 November 2023 – the central part of its ongoing program to improve diversity and inclusion across the ad industry.

Every advertising and marketing professional working in Australia is being asked to spend 15 minutes on November 1 completing the anonymous industry-wide survey conducted by Kantar.

The findings will be used to benchmark the industry’s progress on DE&I, revealing strengths, pinpointing gaps and again highlighting priority areas for ongoing action.

ACA National Head of Engagement, Hannah Sturrock, said: “More than 2,600 people across Australian advertising responded to the first Create Space Census in 2021, providing the most extensive data on the makeup and experience of its people that the industry has ever seen.

“Two years on, after mobilising agencies and businesses to take action, we’re back and taking Create Space to the next level. This year’s census will be pivotal in charting the industry’s progress in becoming a more representative and inclusive place to work.”

Key findings from 2021’s Create Space Census revealed women in advertising are six times more likely than men to experience gender discrimination, 58% of advertising professionals live with a physical or mental health condition, and one-fifth of employees are likely to leave the industry due to their experiences of discrimination and exclusion.

Close to 50% of respondents said they had experienced microaggressions in the workplace.

WPP Australia President and Chair of ACA’s D&I Committee, Rose Herceg, said: “As an industry, our longevity depends on us being inclusive of all people, not just the majority, a place where all people thrive, feel heard, supported, and safe to do their best work. That’s why it’s critical that everyone makes their voice heard on November 1.”
Following 2021’s census, ACA released the Create Space Action Plan detailing six actions organisations needed to address to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

These included improving the experience and representation of female, LGBTQIA+ and ethnic talent as well as talent with disability and/or mental health challenges, and addressing industry-wide microaggressions.

ACA will release the second Create Space Report and Action Plan in 2024 based on results from this year’s census, which will inform the industry’s next round of focus areas. The census will run again in 2025 in line with ACA’s commitment to benchmark progress every two years.


For more information, downloads and a kit to help businesses take part in the census, go to

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