Winning AWARD School didn’t only change Tom Lawrence’s career outlook, it “made it”, he says. Within a few months of taking out the top honour in 2017, the Sydney resident was trudging through the snow in New York City on his way to his new dream job.

TCC: You are now working at Droga5 in NYC. Tell us a bit about your role.

TL: I am a junior copywriter. Last year I worked across The New York Times, Amazon, Chase and Pier 1. This year I am working on a few pitches. It is a tough job but a rewarding one.
TCC: What were you doing when you applied for AWARD school?

TL: Before AWARD school I was running the Proudly Pokies Free campaign in Sydney.

TCC: What prompted you to apply to AWARD School?

TL: One day I went to meet a strategist friend of mine who works for The Monkeys. I was thinking about becoming a strategist. At the end of our coffee she asked if I had heard about AWARD School. I went home, looked it up and that night happened to be the AWARD School information night. So, I went along and haven’t looked back.

TCC: What were some of your highlights?

TL: I think the funniest part was standing up in front of 300 people on graduation night and saying “F***”. I think I swore for a good two minutes because I was in complete shock.
Also, I really loved working with Karen Ferry (current AWARD School Head), she was such a dedicated and passionate tutor and creative.

TCC: What are some of the AWARD School learnings that you carry with you each day

TL: The one thing AWARD School drills into you that everyone bangs on about and that is very true is to never stop pushing. Your first few ideas might be great, but more often than not, you get to more interesting work the harder you push.

Applications for 2019 AWARD School open on February 7.
An AWARD School Info Night will be held in capital cities on February 6.
To register your interest visit