Isabel Evans landed her dream job as a copywriter right off the back of AWARD School. She tells us about her new role and her course experience.

TCC: What were you doing before you applied for AWARD school?
IE: I had just made the move over from Adelaide and was working on the team at Broadsheet Studio. I was actually still living on a friend’s couch by the time the first lecture rolled around. Turns out the rental market in Melbourne is almost as hard as AWARD School.

TCC: What prompted you to apply to the course?
IE: I was a suit, and as much as I loved a good to do list and a colour coordinated calendar, I
always knew I wanted to sit on the other side of the desk.

TCC: What are some of your AWARD School highlights?
IE: I loved the tutorials. It was ridiculously fun hearing everyone else’s ideas. There were two common expressions in our group. The look of pure joy when you had an awesome idea. And the look of doom when someone else held up the same sketch. We were bloody thankful for our tutors who kept on our case and got us to keep on pushing our ideas. It was an unbeatable experience to work so closely with some of the best.

TCC: What are some of the AWARD School learnings that you carry with you each day?
IE: Verbalise your ideas; no matter how absurd, straight, weird, sad, crazy, or stupid they are. There’s often a goodie hiding in there and it might take someone else to recognise it.

TCC: Tell us about your current role.
IE: I’m working at Fenton Stephens as a copywriter. I was hitched earlier this year to my Art Director and so far no marital problems. Together we come up with some wacky ideas for a bunch of clients from insurance, to charities, to powertools.

TCC: Are you still in touch with some of the other students, tutors or lecturers?
IE: I’ve come to realise the advertising industry is a lot like Adelaide…

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