This week, we highlight some expert advice when it comes to unlocking fresh new ideas and ways of thinking, and more importantly, how to tell which ideas are keepers and which ones to kill.

‘Efficiency without creativity just isn’t effective’ – AdNews

Few of us got into the advertising industry to spend our days ogling numbers and charts, but where we bring humans and data together to make great creative advertising, everyone wins, argues Tyler Greer.

‘Why the pen is mightier in solving creative problems’ and ‘Don’t pickle creativity in aspic. Embrace the new’ – Campaign Live UK

The laptop is a cluttered cupboard, says Tony Cullingham, and the brain only truly ignites when the hand has a pen and it hovers over a huge pile of lovely white paper. Plus Mark Boyd argues that if independent ad agencies are reporting regular pitch lists of 15 peer agencies, it’s time to do something different.

‘Tools to help evaluate creative ideas’ and ‘The world according to creative directors’ – Creative Review

What makes an idea brilliant and creative rather than ordinary or mundane? Claire Bridges shares her advice for how to balance your head and your heart when evaluating your own, or someone else’s creative ideas. And when you’ve reached the giddy heights of creative director, does the reality measure up to the fantasy? Jada Balster reveals the results of a survey of 457 creative directors.

‘The most important part of the brief that creative agencies are missing’ and ‘Why that Pepsi ad isn’t as bad as you think’ – Mumbrella

Have creatives been looking at briefs all wrong, Ryan O’Connell questions. And controversially, Luke Chess attempts to stand up for Pepsi’s latest ad, arguing that the target audience are seeing it solely as an ad – and in that sense, it’s okay.

‘Burger King: A Look Back at Some of the Best Ideas From Cannes Lions’ Creative Marketer of the Year’ – AdAge

Cannes Lions has just named Burger King its Creative Marketer of the Year for its consistent delivery of ideas that have carved out new pathways for the industry on a spectrum of platforms. Ann-Christine Diaz looks at some of the best.

‘How “Prison Break” Helped Wentworth Miller Break Into Screenwriting’ and ‘Five Ways Reading Fiction Makes You Better At Your Job’ – Fast Company

“I love writing but I don’t love the business of writing”, actor Wentworth Miller tells Joe Berkowitz about his new side hustle. And in some off the wall career advice, research has found that reading fiction can help you improve skills that are just as important as the technical knowledge you might gain from nonfiction.