This week the impact of technology on creativity has been a hot talking point from SXSW – but is it the threat the industry is fearing? Our story selection looks at the creative opportunities technology can unlock, as well as tapping into creative juices the old-fashioned way.

“7 Things I Learned About A.I. at SxSW17” –

Championing a new look creative team that involves engineers was just one of the key insights Dharmesh Shah took in from this year’s festival.

“Summoning the Demon” and “Two non-bots chat” – Creative Review

This month’s Creative Review analyses the rise of AI and its impact on creativity. Writers Nick Asbury and Russell Davies discuss whether chatbots and humans could actually collaborate to deliver more pointed interactions. Meanwhile, Adrian Shaughnessy asks whether AI isn’t threatening creative jobs, but is actually opening the door to exciting new opportunities.

“Brainstorming doesn’t work”, “Winners of the 2017 World Changing Ideas Awards” and “Meet Wolfgang” – Fast Company

Because our brains’ creative flow isn’t time-bound the way the typical brainstorm is, this article offers a few ways to shake things up. Then from edible six-pack rings to a fruit and vegetable prescription program, Fast Company’s panel of judges sifted through more than 1,000 entries to find the most innovative ideas to make the world better. Moving from social disruption to disruption in the advertising world, a a trio of award-winning ad execs have launched a new agency, Wolfgang, to better bridge the divide between creative advertising and strategic consulting. They describe themselves as creatives who want to impact clients’ businesses beyond advertising.

“Too much direction can slay your team’s creativity” and “Tips from the top” – Campaign Live

When the ideas aren’t coming, don’t over-direct your team. If you have the right people, step back and give them space to do their thing, says Lucas Peon. For more tips to help aspiring creatives, copywriters and art directors climb up the ladder, Campaign’s new video series speaks to the influencers at the top of their game.

“Seek out the deep: Why good strategy means taking time to think about the small things” – Mumbrella

When strategists fail to allow themselves the time to consider the small things, the end result is undifferentiated and trivial work, warns Simon Corbett.