Wednesday 19 April 2017

Around the web – motivation, management and punching above your weight

This week’s story selection brings you top career advice to beat boredom and stay on top of your game, as well as advice for new managers on how to succeed.

‘Five smart ways to pull yourself together’ and ‘Forbes’ Top Influencers’ – Forbes

Denise Restauri launches her ‘Mentoring Moments’ podcast with this piece on her top tips for staying motivated to achieve success. Meanwhile, Forbes has launched its inaugural Top Influencers list, cataloguing power players from around the world who’ve turned platforms on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook into fortunes and empires. Importantly, they’ve only included influencers built their fame from the internet up, rather than established celebrities who also happen to have large audiences online.

‘What to do when boredom creeps into your career’ – Fortune

Lori Mitchell-Keller writes that boredom can be one of the most challenging career crises a person can face, so what did she do to overcome it? Turned to a mentor, and never looked back.

‘How to manage people and your own career’ – AdWeek

As part of AdWeek’s ‘Best Advice I Ever Got’ series, four top creative directors reveal the best tips they received for building the careers. Having enthusiasm and building your own personal brand are among some of those featured in this article.

‘Five misconceptions I had to abandon fast as a new manager’ – Fast Company

What you think you know about good managers’ habits and responsibilities might be mistaken, says Julia Stieglitz.

‘We punch so far above our weight here’ – AdNews

J. Walter Thompson global creative director Matt Eastwood says Australia is becoming more and more of a lead market than an adaptive market, with our industry’s creative capabilities increasing significantly in recent years.

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