Tuesday 06 June 2017

AdSchool’s top ads: Volvo, Movember and Menulog

We asked our AdSchool Strategic Planning Core Skills students in Melbourne to name their favourite campaigns and what they believe is the magic behind them.

Kyle Ross, business manager, TRP agency – ‘LifePaint’ by Volvo

Volvo’s XC90 came equipped with IntelliSafe, a system designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians using sensor detection. To launch the car, Volvo created and gave out special cans of spray paint in London bike shops. Applying the spray, called LifePaint, on bikes, clothing or prams makes them glow in the dark when they’re in the path of a car’s headlights.

Constrained by a small budget, this is big thinking that’s unexpected. LifePaint appeals to those most sensitive to safety on the road – cyclists. For example, around 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents every year in the UK. By creating a tangible product that replicates Volvo’s innovative safety system, cyclists and pedestrians are made safer at night. 

Ditching the mass media formula for car launches and creating a product to embody Volvo’s core safety message is a risk, but it paid off!

Kathryn Priestly, business development manager, Torchlight Research – ‘Suicide notes talk too late’ by Movember

This campaign targeted males between 15 and 24 years old, as that’s when the suicide rate is highest, but it’s also prevalent amongst men aged 60 and over for many reasons including divorce, retirement, failing health, and others. The insight: that men don’t talk about their feelings or ask for help or support. Sometimes the only time they do talk is when it’s too late (i.e.  through suicide notes). The strategy behind this campaign was to help men understand that is never too late to talk.

Females traditionally feel more comfortable connecting with friends and maintaining social connections – this offers a support network for when it’s needed, particularly during times of stress and emotional unrest. What I’ve noticed about the men I know is that while they all have mates, as they get older, families, jobs and busier lifestyles mean they are less likely to keep the connections; or at least keep regular connections. I think this campaign sends an important message for not only men, but anyone.

I liked the execution a lot – the surprise that they were reading their own notes was powerful and a good twist. I think it’s a strong way to make the point and keeps the viewer engaged. It really got me in the feels because I thought they were reading notes someone else had written. It prepared you for pity, sadness and empathy. Instead it delivered relief, happiness and for some, a real awakening.

Lizzie Barclay, senior account manager, J. Walter Thompson – ‘Less talk, more eat’ by Menulog

In this campaign, Jeff Goldblum urges people to have ‘less talk’ and ‘more eat’, using the Menulog app to order food in moments where silence are needed. This campaign uses the insight that people still predominantly pick up to phone to order food. The point of this ad was to create awareness of the Menulog app and break the nation’s habit of picking up the phone and dialing – encouraging them to tap and order online instead.

What better way to create brand awareness than with a huge Hollywood actor who has not only a distinctive look, but voice. This certainly makes your job easy when it comes to rolling out in other formats such as radio. The creators identified occasions where you might normally pick up the phone to order (which could be at somewhat inappropriate times to do so), delivering the message in a captivating way. They also produced an execution completely relevant to their target audience, which shows a strong understanding of them.

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