Tuesday 20 June 2017

AdSchool’s top ads: Skoda, Monoprix and Aldi

We asked our AdSchool Strategic Planning Core Skills students in Melbourne to name their favourite campaigns and what they believe is the magic behind them.

Emilia Pascoe, account manager, Cyclone Creative – ‘You don’t have to be famous to be brilliant’ by Skoda

I love how single minded this campaign is. It taps into the minds of all car consumers – who is going to buy a car by a brand you have never heard of? I think they have drawn some great parallels and have made me question my own behaviour and motives when it comes to buying a car, as I had literally never heard of this car brand.

Would it change my behaviour and convince me to purchase a Skoda when I need a new car? Probably not. But I’m also not their target audience, just yet.

Overall though, it tells a story that is simple, relatable and says something different from its competitors.  

Emma Yole, self employed – ‘Label of Love’ by Monoprix

The brief was to celebrate Monoprix’s birthday and its place in French culture. I think the campaign has achieved this, as it uses a story with an unexpected twist to capture the audience’s attention and create an emotional connection.

The story reminds its French audience of the role Monoprix has in French culture and day-to- day life. With key product shown throughout the ad, I think it succeeds at making the audience curious to pop into a Monoprix store and have a look.

Gloria Kotronis, director, The Element Agency – ‘Good different’ by Aldi

The aim of this campaign was to demonstrate Aldi’s “Good Different” platform, raise awareness Aldi winning Canstar’s Australia’s Most Satis ed Shoppers award three years in a row, and of course, highlight the supermarket’s trolley coin operation.

Aldi’s new brand positioning celebrates difference, with the phrase “Good Different” aiming to underpin all aspects of the Aldi business, from product sourcing to supplier relationships and the customer experience. It sums up Aldi’s philosophy and approach, and so has this campaign. 

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