Wednesday 03 May 2023

AdSchool launches Manager Fundamentals

AdSchool has announced the launch of its new Manager Fundamentals course – responding to industry demand for a tailored eight-week program to teach new managers the art of effective people management.

“Agencies have identified a gap in their team’s capabilities and have requested AdSchool curate a part-time industry-specific course that equips people with the skills to effectively lead teams and drive success in the agency,” said Simone Goldstein, Advertising Council Australia’s Professional Development Manager. “We’re confident that AdSchool’s Manager Fundamentals fills that gap.”

The new training program kicks off on June 1 in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and is open to any new managers including account managers and directors, strategists, creatives and producers.

Participants will learn how to identify their own management style, guide and motivate teams, delegate and communicate effectively, set and track goals, provide feedback, ensure staff wellbeing and handle difficult situations with confidence.

Sessions will take place in both virtual and live-session format, combining video lectures from top industry leaders with face-to-face tutorials, where participants will put theory into action.

The Works Managing Director Julie Dormand will lead Manager Fundamentals in Sydney while Clemenger Group’s Team X Managing Director Oliver Ward will facilitate in Melbourne. Hypnosis Creative Agency Managing Director Amber Martin will run the course in Perth.

The course lectures will be delivered by some of the best advertising management executives and HR experts in the industry.
“Our industry is flooded with incredibly ambitious people who progress to being people managers based on excelling at their craft. However, we do them a disservice by promoting them to lead colleagues without properly training them,” said Sydney facilitator Julie Domand.

“By improving how we manage and develop our teams, we’ll positively impact the careers of so many professionals within the Australian advertising industry,” she said.

To find out more and register either yourself or your team, click here: Places are limited.

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