Clemenger BBDO Netball team
Thursday 15 August 2019

2019 Agency vs Agency Mixed Netball Comp – ‘Go hard or go home’!

CIemenger BBDO’s Isobell Roberts (second from right in this Clemenger BBDO team shot) shares her experience of the first ever Agency vs Agency Mixed Netball Competition, a hugely successful event held in Melbourne last month.

My Dad always said ‘go hard or go home’ and I’d grown up watching enough of the Mighty Ducks and Mulan to know anything is possible. Such was my mindset walking into the Communication Council’s inaugural Agency vs Agency Mixed Netball Competition. The energy of 220 people from 15 agencies was deafening and contagious all at the same time.

Our team, from Clemenger BBDO, was a true cross section of our agency with players from five departments and two offices. Our initial objectives of learning the rules, having fun and hopefully winning a few, fell to the wayside and quickly changed to ‘we will be victorious’ as soon as the first siren sounded.

However, our rag-tag team of seven fell to six in the second game as one of our shooters went down with an injury. Our game plan only faltered for a moment, as opposition became teammates and cheer quads as agencies generously volunteered their players to fill the spot. A display of sportsmanship that was heartwarming to witness.

We continued on to defeat The Monkeys, Leo Burnett, Town Square and Fenton Stephens. Winning our division and moving us onto the semifinals.

Sweaty high-fives were a plenty. We had the belief. The Australian Diamonds lost the world championship because all of Australia’s raw untapped netball talent was here, in Clemenger BBDO’s mixed netball team.

But alas, we met our match in the Noisy Beast team. Their powerhouse shooters and defense secured them the win against us and then again in the big dance.

All in all, a wonderful day filled with ups, downs and truckloads of fun. A massive congratulations to all teams, and a huge thank you to all those who helped organise the day.

Noisy Beasts

The victorious Noisy Beast team

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