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As an Account Manager you sit at the heart of your team, you are the boss of the day-to-day. You know your business inside out and you know how to make the agency work.You have to be the consummate all rounder. And to be an Account Manager you will need to transition from managing to include a strategic input in your role.


Approach & Attitude
As an Account Manager you will need to demonstrate a passion for great strategic and creative work and seek at all times to apply that to your role.

Key to this will be:

  • A ‘can do’ attitude to all projects
  • An ability to forge strong relationships
  • An ability to multi task and manage multiple projects and stakeholders
  • Good organisational mind
  • Ability to stay calm and focussed under pressure
  • Ability to proactively problem solve and input strategically
  • Perseverance

Specific Responsibilities

You will need to demonstrate a good knowledge of the industry, and will be required to actively participate in the relevant training programs. In particular you will need an understanding of the media landscape and the role of communications within it.

You will possess a good understanding of what makes for good strategic and creative work and the agency ambitions in this field, as you will be expected to have a point of view on the creative work we develop and be able to discuss it and develop supporting rationales for our recommendations.

You will also need to develop a deep knowledge of your clients business. In particular as an Account Manager you should be the agency expert in your client’s products and services, be aware of their business ambitions as well as the wider market place including competitive work.

As the Account Manager you will be responsible for managing the work through the agency processes from conception to completion.

This includes:

  • Day-to- day organisation of your accounts – responsibility of the management of work flow, internal administration and day to day financial management
  • End-to-end management of the creative and strategic development process – including taking the brief from clients, working with planners to develop creative briefs and strategic responses, helping briefing creative teams, ensuring work is ready to present on time, and that presentation materials are developed as required and participating in the presentation of the work.
  • Managing the production process – working with creatives, production teams and account management colleagues to manage and own the production processes including ensuring timing plans are produced and shared with clients, budgets are approved and billed accordingly, that changes are managed through the system, and that work is delivered to timings.
  • Problem solving – you will need to be able to work self sufficiently to solve day- to-day problems that you encounter, supporting the AE’s where required, so that the team effectively over comes hurdles and challenges.

As part of your role as Account Manager, you will be required to play an active role in internal and external client meetings.

This will include:

  • Setting up meetings – ensuring meetings are set up as required and that agendas are in place.
  • Contact reports – you will be responsible for ensuring contact reports are produced for every meeting and that they are checked and distributed within 24 hours.
  • Stimulus – you will be required develop necessary meeting and creative stimulus for meetings.
  • Participating – where appropriate you will be required to participate in meetings both internally and with clients. At the direction of your GAD/AD you will be expected to lead elements of the meeting and support the team in presenting and discussing creative work.

You will be required to develop strong relationships within the agency and with clients founded on a culture of honesty, respect and reliability.

As an Account Manager you will be the day-to-day go to person on the account for clients and internal stakeholders so strong relationships across the board will be essential.

Key to this will be developing strong relationships with:

  • Clients – you will be the day-to-day go to person for client requests and as such
    will need to develop strong relationships with your clients working to understand and meet their expectations.
  • Internal Stakeholders – you will need to be able to manage multiple internal
    stakeholders in the agency including creative, planning and production as such will need strong relationships across the board.
  • External stakeholders – developing strong relationships with other agencies that
    you clients work with such as media agencies, PR agencies etc.


  • Tertiary qualified.
  • At least 2 years advertising agency experience.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Client: understanding your clients business

  • Develop a deep knowledge of your client’s products and services, competitors and the wider category.
  • Flexibility to meet the on-going needs of your client.
  • Become the team ‘go to’ expert person for this information.

Agency: knowledge & process

  • Have a deep knowledge of agency structure and functions, utilizing resources appropriately and efficiently.
  • Strong attention to detail and high degree of organisational skills.
  • Demonstrate a rapid understanding of what’s required, by when.
  • Willingness to take on responsibility and meet obligations.
  • Clear communication with all you work with.
  • Financial acumen and responsible practices to ensure JCRs and billings are accurate with timely follow-up.
  • Positive 360° feedback.

Relationships: internal & external

  • Develop strong relationships with clients, partner agencies and internal stakeholders.
  • Care and responsibility for our clients and other relationships – willingness to go the extra mile; be honest and considerate in all business dealings.
  • Able to represent the agency professionally in client meetings, industry events and other functions.
  • Positive 360° feedback.

Strategic Development

  • Develop a proactive approach to problem solving and input strategic thinking

Creativity and the work

  •  Knowledge of world-class creative work.
  • Willingness to contribute ideas, suggestions into creative and implementation process.
  • Become the brand champion of your clients business.


  • Proactive approach to projects and ability to work on your own initiative.

Attitude: drive and motivation to succeed

  • A ‘can do’, ‘what else’ attitude.
  • Steps up to take on more.
  • Asks thoughtful questions, probes for more information and clarity.
  • Positive 360° feedback.

How to apply
Please supply CV and cover letter to Jacqui Mahon. Email:

Applications close

Agency Culture
Perceived by the broader agency as an influencer of the culture through 360° feedback and being involved in activities outside your day-to-day role eg: culture, charity, training.