Value Based Pricing

Value Based Pricing Online Workshop Series

In these three game-changing online workshops based on the new “Agency Pricing Playbook”, we’ll look at how progressive agencies around the world have completely reframed their approach to agency compensation, resulting in higher margins, more diversified revenue streams and higher trust levels in agency-client relationships.


Members: $300pp ex GST | Non Members: $400pp ex GST per workshop
Package option: $750pp ex GST (Members) | $1000pp ex GST (Non Members) for 3 x online series sessions.

Session 1

Why and How to Offer Options: A Powerful Short-Cut to Pricing Success

Why does every major marketer offer options when they price, package and sell their products and services?  What do they know that we (agencies) don’t?

Brand marketers give their customers a set of choices: different sizes, different features — and of course — different prices.  These powerful “choice architecture” techniques can be easily be adopted by professional service firms like agencies. Agencies that offer options in place of a single price experience higher average revenues for the same work and a more effective sell-in process.

When we provide clients with options, we’re not only providing useful decision-making context, we’re also fundamentally altering the dynamics of the compensation dialogue. Offering different options changes the conversation away from inputs (estimated hours) to a discussion about different combinations of outputs (deliverables and program elements).

In this workshop, Tim will demonstrate how to present your clients not just a single take-it-or-leave-it price but several different program and pricing options.

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Session 2

Seven Ways Agencies Can Diversify Their Revenue Streams Starting Tomorrow

If your client compensation agreements all use the same approach — such as the traditional fees based on time — it means you’re not diversifying your compensation portfolio, which means you’re not coming anywhere close to maximising your agency’s profitability.

In this workshop, Tim will break the illusion that if your firm does a better job of “managing its hours” it will achieve its profit target.  

Attendees will learn how agencies that have the confidence and foresight to adopt diverse types of compensation agreement approaches earn margins that allow them to invest in the kind of talent that can create exponential growth for their business.

You’ll come away from this session with a uniquely different view of how client compensation agreements should be constructed and managed, based on the idea that once you decide to stop selling your costs and start selling your value, it opens the door to almost unlimited revenue models.

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Session 3

Bringing Pricing Transformation to Life: The Value Council

Many agencies are now convinced that it’s time to bury the billable hour and adopt more progressive pricing practices, but aren’t sure how to bring this transformation to life inside their organizations.  

Based on the experience of forward-thinking professional firms around the globe, the best way to make this happen is to formalize and centralize pricing as a core competency of the agency, separate from finance and accounting. This is the bold new concept of the “Value Council” — a small, interdisciplinary group of senior executives charged with ensuring that the agency prices on purpose, according to the value received by the client, not just the costs incurred by the firm. 

This hands-on workshop will show you how agencies of all sizes can implement this powerful idea and achieve not only long-term margin improvement, but also short-term wins that can impact your bottom line starting with your next P&L.

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About Tim Williams

Tim Williams
Tim Williams
Founding Partner Company at Ignition Consulting Group

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed not only for agency leaders and managers (including finance and operations), but also other senior professionals who are on the front lines of talking about pricing and compensation with client.