Webinar: The Legal Lowdown


In today’s era of law reform, it’s critical that ad agencies have a good understanding of the increasing network of laws, regulations, standards and codes that restrict the claims and messages advertisers can make.

ACA is working to assist its members to better understand these laws, to ensure better compliance and elevate the standard of advertising in Australia.

About this webinar

Media and communications industry lawyer Stephen von Muenster, Partner at von Muenster Legal, will take agency leaders through current regulator law reforms that are impacting agencies and advertisers. This will include updates from the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry into the collection and use of consumers’ personal data for advertising purposes. 

Through the lens of recent court decisions where advertisers were deemed to be in the wrong, he will detail how these new laws and regulations impact the day-to-day work of agencies and steps that can be taken to prepare for legal and regulatory change in the near future.

Who it's for

Agency leaders, group account directors and account directors.

About Stephen Von Muenster

Stephen is a solicitor and Partner at von Muenster Legal, a specialist technology, media and communications firm based in Sydney. He has specialised in advertising, communications, marketing and media law since 1995, and also advises on emerging technologies and the digital media landscape. Stephen is presently assessing the ACCC’s response to the Digital Platforms Inquiry, and is providing assistance and guidance to the industry and agencies. He recently conducted an extensive review of the recently released 2020 AANA Media Buying Agreement and its impact upon media agencies and their advertiser clients.