To ESOV & Beyond Series Webinars

 Advertising Council Australia, in partnership with ThinkTV, has launched a series of reports – To ESOV and Beyond – by Rob Brittain, Peter Field and Professor Karen Nelson-Field.

About the events

Leading authorities on advertising effectiveness, Peter Field and Rob Brittain, and pioneer in media science, Professor Karen Nelson-Field, joined ACA for the launch of To ESOV and Beyond Part I and Part II.

The groundbreaking studies combine long-term, in-market effectiveness data derived from the ACA Effectiveness Database with world-class video attention data from Amplified Intelligence, exploring the impact of creative and media choices on effective Share of Voice metrics.

These events were held for brands and marketers looking to manage their marketing dollars with certainty and prove the effectiveness of their work.


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To ESOV and Beyond Part II webinar


To ESOV and Beyond  Part I webinar


Rob Brittain
Rob Brittain
Director Rob Brittain Consulting
Peter Field
Peter Field
Peter Field Consulting 
Professor Karen Nelson-Field
Professor Karen Nelson-Field
Founder and CEO, Amplified Intelligence

Moderated by Kim Portrate, CEO ThinkTV Australia and Tony Hale, CEO Advertising Council Australia 

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