Effies presents The Work Behind The Work


A live and interactive event looking at two of Australia’s most effective campaigns of 2021, with marketing effectiveness guru Rob Brittain. Not to be missed.

About the event

Come take a peek behind-the-scenes of two of 2021’s most effective and awarded advertising campaigns when Advertising Council Australia and ThinkTV present Effies ‘The Work Behind The Work’ 2022 on April 12, at a live event in Sydney.

Hosted by VMLY&R Chief Strategy Officer Ali Tilling and ThinkTV CEO Kim Portrate, the event will bring marketers, strategists and agency teams together to unpack the strategic and creative process behind two award-winning Effie campaigns.

Renowned effectiveness guru Rob Brittain will present new insights from the Effie database illustrating the brands that managed to outsmart COVID in 2021. Were marketing first principles redundant? Or were they more important than ever?

CHEP Network and The Monkeys – two of 2021’s big Effie winners – will take the audience behind the case studies and share the work that goes into designing an effective marketing strategy and creating a campaign that delivers results, spotlighting CHEP Network’s “Where Babies Come From” campaign for Genea, and The Monkey’s “How reinventing ‘HELP’ added record value to the NRMA Insurance brand” for NRMA Insurance.

Speakers include IAG CMO Brent Smart, The Monkeys Chief Strategy Officer, Fabio Buresti, CHEP Network’s Client Partner Lorraine Gormley, Creative Director Fee Millist and Sarah Pont, Director, Brand.