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Effie Awards 2024

The final deadline for entering the 2024 Australian Effie Awards is COB June 3. Check out all the categories and how to enter below. The Effie Awards presentation evening will be held on Thursday 10 October 2024 in Sydney, details to come!


2024 Australian Effie Awards is open for entries.

Effie Australia celebrates great ideas that achieve real results, and the strategy that goes into creating them.

The annual Effie Awards honour the most significant advertising and marketing effectiveness achievements. Every year judging is centred around campaigns that have delivered superior results within Australia and in meeting the objectives they were designed to achieve.

Off the back of three successful new categories in 2023 that all had winners, CX, Social Media First and Innovative Marketing Solutions, we introduced another new category in 2024, Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is becoming more and more prominent in campaigns, in learning, and in the way we navigate our day-to-day lives.

An entrant may select only one industry category from List A and no more than four specialist categories from List B for each campaign.

To be eligible for the Australian Effie Awards, the campaign must have run in Australia during the period 1 April 2022 and 31 May 2024. Campaigns may have been introduced earlier but each case will be evaluated based on the results achieved in Australia within the eligibility period.  Overseas data may be included in the submission where additional context is required.

Entry is online, please register and prepare in advance of the deadlines. Keep within the word count with short, to-the-point storytelling, with a clear demonstration of effectiveness.

New to Effie?
If you’re new to the Effie Awards and would like expert insights into creating a winning entry next year, we have a panel of Effie Winners who can help guide you through writing a winning case study.
Contact lindsay@adcouncil.org.au to be connected with an Effie’s Judge in 2024.
2024 Entry Guide

The essential how-to-enter guide will help you prepare for the 2024 Effie Awards. Download today and get familiar with what’s required to plan your entry accordingly.

Entries opened on 4 March 2024 and the on-time deadline is 13 May, with an extended deadline of 27 May and a late deadline of 3 June. Entries must be made online. To view the entry questions, download the entry forms, or access them through the entry portal. To help with offline entry creation and approvals, we’ve developed an Effie Entry template for you to collate your entry before uploading it to the entry portal.



Give yourself the best chance of winning a gold Effie this year. Watch the free webinar with Effie judges.

Key takeaways

  • Introduction to the Effie Awards 
  • Learn about new categories, scoring and weighting, and writing entries specifically for each category
  • Hear what Effie judges are looking for 
  • Find out how to enter with key tricks and tips for using the online portal
  • Have the opportunity to ask the team direct questions about entry into this year’s Effie Awards
2024 Key Dates

Entries open: Monday 4 March 2024
On-time entries close: Monday 13 May 2024
Extended deadline: Monday 27 May 2024
Late entries: Monday 3 June 2024
Round one online judging: 19 June -3  July 2024
Finalists announced: Wednesday 17 July 2024


Round two online judging: 31 July – 21 August 2024
Round two in-person judging: Wednesday 21 August 2024
Executive judging review: Wednesday 28 August 2024
Awards dinner & presentation: Thursday 10 October 2024




– Only one category can be entered

A01. Retail/Etail
A02. Food and Beverage Brands
A03. Restaurants and Food Delivery
A04. Other Consumer Goods
A05. Health And Wellbeing
A06. Financial Services and Insurance
A07. Telecommunications and Other Services
A08. Travel, Leisure And Media
A09. Government
A10. Not-for-Profit Organisations


– Maximum four categories can be entered

Specific Challenges
B01. New Product or Service
B02. Challenger Brands
B03. Small Budget
B04. Positive Change
B05. Social Media First

B06. Most Original Thinking
B07. Insight & Strategic Thinking
B08. Innovative Media or Channel Solutions (inc Media Partnerships)
B09. Innovative Marketing Solutions
B10. CX
B11. Clever Use Of Research / Or Data
B12. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

B13. Return On Investment
B14. Short-Term Effects
B15. Long-Term Effects
B16. Brand Value


2024 Entry Fees


Member On-Time Entry Fee $1,040
Member Extended Deadline Fee $1,350
Member Late Entry Fee $1,750
Non-Member On-Time Entry Fee $1,900
Non-Member: Extended Deadline fee $2,230
Non-Member Late Fee $2,890
  Ex GST



New Entrants On-Time Entry Fee $725
New Entrants Extended Deadline Fee $950
New Entrants Late Fee $1,230
Small Budget Category On-Time Entry Fee $530
Small Budget Category Extended Deadline Fee $560
Small Budget Category Late Fee $720
Changes to entry after Ext. Deadline $200
  Ex GST
2024 Eligibility

Advertising campaigns that ran in Australia during the period  1 April 2022 and 31 May 2024 are eligible for entry. Campaigns may have been introduced earlier but must have run during this period and have data relative to the qualifying time.

More eligibility requirements regarding previous entries and case criteria can be found in the 2024 Entry Guide.



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