How to Enter

The 14th Annual Effie program launched on Thursday 24 February and culminates with the Effie Awards presentation evening on Wednesday 19 October 2022.

2022 Entry Guide

Please download your essential how-to-enter guide below.

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All entries are made on our award management system. You can register your company details and complete your entry using the link below.

2022 Key Dates

Call For Entries Open: 24 February
On-Time Entries Close: 2 June
Extended & Final Deadline: Thursday 16 June
Round 1 Online Judging: 11-15 July
Finalists Announced: Wednesday 27 July


Round Two online Judging: 1 – 18  August
Round 2 Judging: Tuesday 6 September
Executive Judging Review: Monday 12 September
Awards Dinner & Presentation: Wednesday 19 October


Entry Forms

LIST A – Only 1 Category can be entered

A1. Retail/Etail
A2. Food, Confectionery And Snacks
A3. Beverages
A4. Other Consumer Goods
A5. Health And Wellbeing
A6. Financial Services
A7. Other Services
A8. Travel, Leisure And Media

A9. Government
A10. Not For Profit Organisations



The Effective Advertiser Award


Entry Fees

ALL CATEGORIES except Jumpstart

ACA or AANA Advertisers Members
On-Time Entries: $950 +gst
Extended & Final Deadline: $1,250 +gst

Non-Member Agencies
On-Time Entries: $1,750 +gst
Extended & Final Deadline: $2,050 +gst



ACA or AANA Advertisers Members
OnTime Entries: $475 +gst
Extended & Final Deadline: $625 +gst

Non-Member Agencies
On Time Entries: $875 +gst
Extended & Final Deadline: $1,025 +gst


Advertising campaigns that ran in Australia during the period  1 April 2020 and 31 May 2022 are eligible for entry. Campaigns may have been introduced earlier but must have run during this period and have data relative to the qualifying time.

More eligibility requirements regarding previous entries and case criteria can be found in the 2022 Entry Guide.


CATEGORy Changes IN 2022


The 2022 Effie Awards has the unique opportunity to further increase our understanding of how to effectively use marketing as a tool to both manage the devastation of a pandemic and the impacts of a recession.


  • Long Term Effects & Brand Value will both be judged in Round One and won’t go straight through to Round Two.

  • Long Term Effects will now be for a 3 year period minimum.

  • Short Term Effects – eligibility is now: Activation campaigns that may take effect over one day or up to three months.

  • Jumpstart: for those that may not have entered the Effies before (or a while) but think they have a decent effectiveness story worth exploring. (Register for the webinar)

  • Best Smaller State: Entries that qualify under this definition and score well in Round 1 judging will be automatically entered into this category at no additional fee. See the Entry Kit for more details. This will continue in 2022.


Jumpstart Mentoring Program


The Jumpstart Mentoring Program has been specifically introduced for companies/agencies that feel they don’t have all the data to compete on level terms with regular Effie winners. Both the mentoring program and the Jumpstart award category are designed to help make the Effies more accessible to the broader marketing community. Find out more and register for the Jumpstart Launch & Mentoring webinar on March 10 by clicking the button below.




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