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‘Tonight, I’ll be eating…’

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Uber Eats Australia
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In five years, Uber Eats Australia has gone from fourth-to-market start-up bet inside parent-brand Uber (known for rideshare), to #1 online-food-delivery (OFD) brand - in the process, upheaving entrenched takeaway behaviours to create a new, ubiquitous category. Ruthless commitment to consistent, long-term brand marketing through the 'Tonight, I'll be eating...' platform was pivotal to this success, establishing the brand's distinctive assets from scratch and creating sustained, market-leading salience and acquisition growth. Despite increasing competition, the campaign has delivered compounding value and higher ROI each time it runs.
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‘Tonight, I’ll be eating…’

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Celia Garforth Author / Head of Strategy
Cade Heyde CEO
Tom Martin CCO
Julian Schreiber CCO
Tori Lopez Head of Business Management
Lynsey Mogridge, Mediacom Client Director Mediacom
Tim Hull, Mediacom Strategy Director Mediacom
Georgie Jeffreys, Uber Eats Head of Marketing Uber Eats
Ally Doube, Uber Eats Head of Brand Strategy, APAC Uber Eats
Lucinda Barlow, Uber Eats APAC Chief Marketing Officer Uber Eats
Andy Morley, Uber Eats Head of Marketing, ANZ Uber Eats
Ally  Doube, Uber Eats Author / APAC Head of Brand Strategy Uber Eats
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