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RACQ Distracted Drivers

Che Proximity Brisbane, UM Brisbane
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Phone addiction whilst driving is a real problem. And Queenslanders love their mobile phones, they love them to death. In Queensland, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 crashes are the result of driver distraction. [Source: CARRS-Q , 2018.] RACQ took on the challenge of changing this addictive behaviour, which has risen to epidemic levels, in order to save lives. It set out to have people modify their behaviour to reduce accidents and fatalities. First 6 months saw the use of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function on mobile phones increase by 133% and fatalities decrease by 59%.
Katie Peacock Author/Strategy Director
Erin Core Strategy Planner
Christie Luxton Assoc Creative Director
Cristian Staal Managing Partner – Creative
Emilie Almond Account Director
Christine Gannon Managing Partner
Nelson Demartini Strategy Director UM
Sam Willmer Senior Client Director UM
Renee Davidson General Manager – Marketing & Member RACQ
Kyra Dunstan Head of Brand and Product Marketing RACQ
Tamara Browning Senior Marketing Specialist RACQ
Glenn Price Marketing Project Lead RACQ
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