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McDonald’s to Macca’s

DDB Sydney, OMD
McDonald's Australia
Brand Value
Long Term Effects
Business was humming, but our brand was not. Our communications were the weak link in a winning team, failing to deliver strong returns. To kickstart our brand and communications we needed to find a distinct point of view. Speaking to Aussies we discovered Macca’s was more than a nickname, it’s a symbol of pride in a global brand Aussies feel like they’ve made their own. So we became Macca’s and not just McDonald’s, taking the Macca’s ethos into all our communications. By doing this we doubled, yes DOUBLED our return on marketing spend.
Case study

McDonald’s to Macca’s – 183 Long Term Effects

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Fran Clayton Author/Chief Strategy Officer
Joseph Smeaton Author/Planning Partner
Jessica Sutanto Planner
Priya Patel Managing Director
Lisa Hauptmann Managing Partner
Nick Cleeve Group Business Director
Ben Welsh Chief Creative Officer
Jack Nunn Creative Partner
Dan Saunders Creative Partner
Mike Worden Head of McDonald’s OMD
Peita Pacey Head of Strategy (Sydney) OMD
Zoe May Author/Strategy Director OMD
Aaron Miller National Director – Sport Partnerships OMD
Sophie Walsh Director of Partnerships & Experience OMD
Alastair Coysh Client Lead OMD
Jo-Ann Foo Director Analytic Partners
Chris Brown Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s Australia
Amanda Nakad National Marketing Manager McDonald’s Australia
Tim Kenward National Marketing Manager McDonald’s Australia
Tobi Fukushima National Marketing Manager McDonald’s Australia
Lauren Bolton Senior Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Mark Nicholls Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Jason Khoury Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Nichole Tsiros Senior Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Alicia Duncan Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Amanda Milios Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Liz Whitbread Senior Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Tim Bothwell Assistant Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
David Morris Assistant Brand Manager McDonald’s Australia
Colin Glynn Director of Consumer Business Insights & Strategy McDonald’s Australia
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