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How Telstra’s purpose-led growth left the competition in its wake

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This is the story of why Telstra left the competition in its wake. With unwavering commitment to purpose-led growth, Telstra revealed to the nation that they were the inspiration behind everything the company does. 'Australia Is Why' provided a platform to elevate practical improvements and gave purpose to brand acts like making all payphones free, for everyone, forever. By embracing the brand's legacy rather than leaving it behind, Telstra overcame deeply-entrenched negative perceptions and breathed fresh life into the brand's relevance and affinity among Australians. Ultimately, delivering an of $ incremental profit per $ invested.
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How Telstra’s purpose-led growth left the competition in its wake

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Mark Green Group CEO and Co-Founder
Scott Nowell Group Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder
Tara Ford Chief Creative Officer
Matt Michael Managing Director
Vince Lagana Executive Creative Director
Fabio Buresti Author / Chief Strategy Officer
Hugh Munro Author / Head of Planning
Charlotte Marshall Author / Senior Planner
Daniel Fryer Creative Director
Stuart Alexander Creative Director
Jake Rusznyak Art Director
Dennis Koutoulogenis Copywriter
Ben Sampson Creative
Belinda Drew Account Management Head
Amanda Porritt Senior Business Director
Jack Stone Business Director
Samantha Packham Business Manager
Ciara Moloney Business Manager
Penny Brown Head of Production
Simone O’Connor Senior Producer
Claudia Brookes Senior Producer
Mel Watson Senior Designer
Megan Leckey Senior Designer
Jeremy Nicholas, Telstra Chief Marketing Officer Telstra
Julie Caulfield, Telstra Head of Brand Telstra
Genelle Sharples, Telstra Principal of Media, Sponsorship & Awards Telstra
Maria Rizzo, Telstra Senior Marketing Specialist Telstra
Rebecca Borgo, Telstra Senior Marketing Specialist Telstra
Alita McMenamin, Telstra Senior Marketing Specialist Telstra
Robbie Aoukar, Telstra Senior Media Specialist Telstra

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