Welcome to the Create Space Hub. Here you’ll find valuable data, resources and training options to help focus and support your journey towards diversity, equity and inclusion.


The Census
Create Space

Create Space represents a pivotal moment in time for Australian advertising – the largest study of its kind into how inclusive and diverse the industry really is.

More than 2,600 professionals from across advertising and marketing took part in the Create Space Census in December 2021, providing a rich portrait of the characteristics and experiences of the industry, as well as globally aligned benchmarks to inform priorities for action and measure progress.

If you took part, thank you – your voice has been heard, and has become the foundation for this sector-leading research that is just the start of a long-term, wide-ranging program of work to address inequality and under-representation in our industry.

The Create Space report summarises our findings through various lenses like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, social mobility and age. The action plan zeroes in on three initial priorities for immediate action, with more to come.

Also, be sure to review our resources page to access a growing collection of resources to help drive change in your workplace. Challenge yourself and everyone in your network to create space for others so that everyone who works in Australian advertising feels like they belong.


Despite real progress, diversity, equity and inclusion is still a challenge for Australia’s advertising industry, as it is for most others. But for our industry, there’s an added impetus to passionately pursue progress.

D&I is fundamental to our historic and future success; advertising was built around a notion of a communal space for all talented thinkers and makers to contribute and craft ideas that drive change. An industry that looks and feels homogenous, and where majority rules, flies in the face of this distinctive proposition, diluting our ability to adapt to culture and commerce. 

This is a people project, not just a policy project. Whether you’re a junior creative, a senior producer, an account director or in accounts payable, a senior leader, an aspiring leader, a consultant or a client – everyone is invited to Create Space.