IPA Residential – Business & Agency Leadership

3 DAY Residential

Business & Agency Leadership is a three day residential course designed to provide tomorrow’s agency leaders with what it takes to run a profitable, harmonious and forward-thinking business. Combining presentations from agency and marketing leaders of the highest regard with interactive sessions designed to stretch and challenge your thinking, the course will equip you to lead the agency of tomorrow. We will unpack your career journey.

Course manifesto

The long standing question of whether leaders are born or made is becoming less relevant.
The real question is can leaders adapt and lead through change.

The advertising and marketing landscape continues to evolve at a seemingly impossible pace, creating an enormous challenge for agency leaders experienced and new…

For many, ‘flat is the new growth’ in the consolidated marketing, media and entertainment sector, while agency leaders are searching for new remuneration systems based on outputs and value creation rather than inputs such as time spent creating and producing.

In this maelstrom, how will leadership adapt? And how do you prepare for leadership in the first place?
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Laura Aldington
CEO at Host/Havas
In a career spanning over twenty years, Laura has worked in the UK, the USA and Australia with some of... MORE
Michael Rebelo
CEO at Publicis Groupe Australia & NZ
Michael is the CEO of Publicis Groupe Australia & New Zealand. The Publicis Groupe is the third largest communications company... MORE
What to expect

During this three-day residential course group account directors (or equivalent) will learn how to transition from a management role to a leadership role and embrace the complexities of agency life.

Who’s it for?

Group account directors (or equivalent)

Course Content

Day one: The Fundamentals of Leadership
Topics cover:

  • Lessons and mistakes that leaders have made
  • Creating a culture where people can thrive
  • Understanding how agencies make money and how you can make a difference
  • The new partnerships you will need to create

Day two: Leading Change through Transformation
Topics cover:

  • How does an agency transform to be relevant in today’s business environment
  • What are clients looking for and how do they source total business transformation solutions
  • What services are consultancies providing that makes them so compelling for clients
  • What is the business case for diversity

Day three: Managing your Career as a Leader
Topics cover:

  • Managing your personal brand
  • Taking the plunge with big career changes
  • Finding your own leadership style
  • Developing resilience for yourself and your team

* Topics may vary slightly


Former Chairs

Participant Feedback

It gave us access to mentors and leaders whom we otherwise would not have had access to. In the span of 3 days we had more conversations and received more direction on leadership than arguably across our entire career, and it is definitely something that is missing when it comes to the industry. We tend to often focus too much onlearn by doing or when you get there.

It provided a lot of affirmation and reminded me that the people come first, and that without the people you don’t get to the clients, work and money.

It gave me time to reflect and think about my style and what I want to achieve. It also reinforced beliefs that I already held

The main value was that it allowed me to reset, re-focus and align myself, by identifying what I’m currently doing that I should, and shouldn’t.