Digital Performance – Online

10 hours of online learning

Developed with practitioners, the IPA Digital Performance Certificate provides junior practitioners working in the communications industry with an essential grounding in digital performance marketing.

Exam Dates:  4 December 2019  |  1 April 2020  |  1 July 2020  |  30 September 2020 |  2 December 2020
Refer to qualification policies.

What to expect

This certification is available for Members ONLY at any time during the year to complete until 31 December 2020.

10 hours of online learning, culminating in a 70-minute online exam.

Who’s it for?

FOUNDATION LEVEL, 0-3 years experience
Not only is this qualification suitable for those in their first year within in a digital agency or specialist department, it would also benefit any individual looking to build their knowledge in digital performance marketing.

Course Content
This qualification is a best practice guide in digital performance marketing, client management and strategic planning. The learning is delivered across 5 modules.

  • Module I: Account Management & Planning – This module looks at what you need to do to be a successful client manager and strategic thinker. It’s less about the nuts and bolts of digital marketing campaigns and optimisation, and more about what you need to do to understand your client and their business. We will explore how you can create success through some simple techniques.
  • Module II: Paid Search – This module covers paid search, one of the key digital marketing channels. You’ll learn about everything from how to write ad copy, to how to efficiently manage your keyword strategies.
  • Module III: Display Advertising – In this module, we look at the various ways you can buy traffic through display marketing. We cover everything from native ads on social media, to programmatic display buys. We explain how each works and what you need to do to manage successful campaigns.
  • Module IV: SEO – Search engine optimisation is all about getting more of the right kind organic search traffic. You’ll learn about how SEO has evolved over the last decade and see that it’s not the dark art it’s sometimes thought to be!
  • Module V: Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a marketing channel that involves working with third parties on a pay per-result basis. Here we will explore how it works, find out what’s involved and how to manage and scale campaigns successfully.
  • Exam – To gain the official qualification, delegates must complete and pass a formal online examination. A mandatory multiple-choice self-test must be passed before the exam date. The final online exam is made up of 12 short-form essay questions. A digital certificate of completion is awarded to all delegates who successfully pass the exam
Participant Feedback

I took so much away from the course, and have found myself wanting to delve deeper into different areas of advertising I don’t think I would have considered before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a great insight to the industry and found it very interesting. I loved meeting other account managers that could share some stories.

Really great atmosphere, fantastic lecturers and a well-rounded course

I found the pitch a lot of fun and liked working in a team. The guest speakers were very informative and answered a lot of questions I had. Thank you very much!