Experience Design


This course is designed to help agency teams develop an experience design capability to successfully plan, design and sell experiences that not only delight customers, but also grow brands.


In stark contrast to creative advertising, the experience design market is growing at an increasing rate. Technology allows a greater level of creativity and design in the experience of a brand than ever before. And yet, while many customer experiences are easier and more frictionless than ever before, a lack of insight, creativity and brand voice often leads to generic, bland and forgettable journeys.

With their appreciation of creativity, humanity and memorability, creative agencies should be in pole position to solve these problems. However, they often lack the commerciality, feasibility or stakeholder management skills to make complex transformation practical, or the experience design person/team is not integrated with the creative and strategic departments.

This course will help agencies deliver a future-proof, competitive, creative experience design offering with a focus on weaponising agency strengths and filling in their blind spots.

Meet your Facilitator & Lecturers

Weekly facilitators (live session)

Craig Page
Craig Page
Founder and Consultant, WeirdWorks

Video lecturers (pre-recorded)

Melinda Lofts
Melinda Lofts
Head of CX Strategy, M&C Saatchi Australia
Marque Kabbaz
Marque Kabbaz
Executive Director CX and Digital, 303 MullenLowe
Vipul Hiray
Vipul Hiray
Data Director, VMLY&R
Nicole Flinton-Ferraro
Nicole Flinton-Ferraro
Chief Experience Officer, Howatson+Company
Stephen Naimo
Stephen Naimo
Experience Strategy Director, R/GA Melbourne
Estyn Jones
Estyn Jones
Creative Director of Experience Design, R/GA
Dave Hartmann
Dave Hartmann
Strategy Partner, Special Group Australia
Gavin McLeod
Gavin McLeod
Chief Creative Officer, CHEP Network
Hamish Stewart
Hamish Stewart
National Executive Creative Director - Experience, CHEP Network

What to expect

Detailed overviews of all the key components of an Experience Design offering, with a particular focus on deployable frameworks and tools, and applying a creative advertising skillset. 

This course has three main elements – a pre-recorded video lecture for participants to watch at a convenient time, a weekly coursework task where participants can apply what they have learned each week and embed the skills by doing, and a live working tutorial session led by the course facilitator where participants can share their work, ask questions and put theory into action. Over the eight weeks these coursework exercises combine to make a single end-to-end project. 

Please note, if you have enrolled in an online course the “working tutorial sessions” are delivered live via zoom/teams.


  • Learn how to uncover and analysing insights, both qualitative and quantitative, from the market, stakeholders and customers/users, and turning them into action
  • Understand the technology that makes experiences possible, and what you can achieve with it
  • An ability to assess opportunity size, revenue potential and how to build a commercial case for your new experience
  • The skill to plan and run ideation workshops and develop ideas or experiences that can grow brands as well as serve needs
  • Frameworks to validate which ideas are worth making, with testing and iteration
Who’s it for?

This course is suitable for Planners, Strategists, Producers, Client Managers, Brand Managers and Project Managers with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in strategic marketing or advertising, and with some exposure to digital or CX projects.


Course Content

Week 0: Introduction (no live session)
Lecturer: Craig Page
Free introductory lecture, click here

This week you will learn…

  • The course and what to expect
  • XD: What is it and why is it important?
  • Why Agencies should be (and many are) embracing the potential of XD
  • How XD complements other key agency capabilities: Strategy, Creative, Media, Technology, Account Management, Project Management & Production

Week 1: Voices & What to do with them
Lecturer: Dave Hartmann

This week we will cover…

  • Types of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management process and framework
  • Synthesis: How to derive insights and the difference between good and great insights for ideation
  • Current state mapping

Week 2: Data & How to read it
Lecturer: Vipul Hiray

This week we will cover…

  • Sources of behavioural data
  • Advantages and limitations of behavioural data
  • How platform analytics work, and what they typically measure
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Qualitative observation methods

Week 3: Technology & What’s possible
Lecturer: Melinda Lofts

This week we will cover…

  • Introduction to Data & Tech enablers
  • Why consideration of the tech stack & roadmap is important
  • Integrations, APIs
  • Innovation: When to create something new vs. buying off the shelf

Week 4: Money & Making commercial sense
Lecturer: Marque Kabbaz

This week we will cover…

  • How to understand and demonstrate the commerciality of an opportunity
  • Opportunity sizing basics
  • Financial modelling basics

Week 5: Vision & How to get there
Lecturer: Nicole Flinton-Ferraro

This week we will cover…

  • How to set the strategy and write briefs for a future state design
  • Understanding the role of the brand in the future state
  • Identifying where to focus creative ideation

Week 6: Ideas & How to have them
Lecturers: Gavin McLeod and Hamish Stewart

This week we will cover…

  • Unleashing creative skills on experience briefs and bringing the ideas to life
  • Planning and running ideation workshops

Week 7:  Testing & Deciding what to make
Lecturers:  Stephen Naimo and Estyn Jones

This week we will cover…

  • Assessing your ideas and initiatives to build a case for making them
  • The importance of User testing
  • How to test a prototype
  • Results and iteration
  • MVP (minimum viable product) vs MLP (minimum lovable product)
  • Prioritising ideas/solutions: bringing together desirability, feasibility and viability
  • Filling in a prioritization matrix

Week 8: Conclude & Review our progress – LIVE SESSION ONLY

This week we will cover…

  • Wrapping up the course with the final review and summary of what we’ve covered


Each week’s content includes a coursework task to put some of the theory into practice, with optional additional tasks for those keen to go deeper. These tasks are intended to combine over eight weeks into an end-to-end case study. Your overall assessment will be based on the quality of the essential tasks (60%), attendance and active engagement in the live sessions (40%). 

Participant Feedback

The facilitator has been great in helping to join the dots with the expert topics / video lectures each week.

2023 Participant

Really enjoyed the session on building the business case, this will have application outside of this discipline.

2023 Participant

Great to get loads of different approaches/tools for each topic and a couple of perspectives (the facilitator + lecturers).

2023 Participant