Hone your writing skills. Learn the art and discipline of selling via the written (and spoken) word.



This course is about words and how you use them to invoke a knowing smile, a raised eyebrow, or an itch in the wallet. It’s about understanding how words are more than just an arrangement of vowels and consonants in a website, press release, radio spot, billboard or brochure. They are the keys to unlock an audience’s imaginations and make a brand feel at home inside.  

Meet your Facilitator & Lecturers

Weekly facilitators (live session)

Richard Donovan
Richard Donovan
Executive Creative Director - Customer, M&C Saatchi Group AUNZ
Lachy Banton
Lachy Banton
Creative Copywriter, The Brand Agency

Video lecturers (pre-recorded)

Mandie van der Merwe
Mandie van der Merwe
Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia
Avish Gordhan
Avish Gordhan
Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia
Lucy Kough
Lucy Kough
Creative Director, BMF Australia
Lea Egan
Lea Egan
Creative Director, Special Group Australia
Richard Morgan
Richard Morgan
Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi Group AUNZ
Jenny Mak
Jenny Mak
Creative Partner, DDB Group Australia
Joe Hawkins
Joe Hawkins
Creative Director, Eardrum
John Linton
John Linton
Managing Partner, Berlin
Lachy Banton
Lachy Banton
Creative Copywriter, The Brand Agency


What to expect

Over 7 weeks, participants can expect to learn tips, tricks and techniques about creative ideation and how to effectively write for the eye (think press, websites, brochures) and for the ear (think radio, VOs and audio visual). In the 8th week, participants present their final assignment and demonstrate all they have learnt along the way.

Designed to be engaging, interactive and thought-provoking, this course has two main elements – a pre-recorded video lecture for participants to watch in their own time, and a live working tutorial session led by the course facilitator where participants can put theory into action. Additionally, this industry certified course includes homework/assessments.

Please note, if you have enrolled in an online course the “working tutorial sessions” are delivered live via zoom/teams.

Who’s it for?

We think this course is suited to “anyone” – assuming they’re someone who is employed (or about to be employed) to write/think about/edit words that represent a company, brand or its products/services. People who have benefited from this course in the past include account coordinators & executives (seeking a greater understanding of copywriting), marketers, creatives and savvy small business owners.

Course Content

Course Introduction
Lecturer: Chris Taylor

  • A literal introduction to Copywriting
  • Course overview
  • The fundamentals
  • Tools at your Disposal

Week 1: Introduction to Copywriting
Lecturers: Mandie van der Merwe & Avish Gordhan

  • Copywriting versus writing.
  • Before and after examples of copywriting done well
  • How to distil a thought/idea
  • Breaking down a Creative Brief
  • Writing Tools and Idea Generation techniques

Week 2: Business Writing
Lecturers: Lachy Banton & John Linton

  • Manifesto writing and its many uses
  • Writing a compelling vision and value statement
  • Taglines & positioning statements

Week 3: How to write Great Headlines
Lecturer: Richard Morgan

  • The Importance of a great headline
  • How to write one?
  • Headlines & The 8 Word Rule
  • Different types of Headlines

Week 4: How to write Copy that Works!
Lecturer: Jenny Mak

  • Identifying your own tone of voice and learning to play with it
  • Long vs Short vs No Copy
  • Type of Copy and when you’d use them
  • Tips to write damn good copy

Week 5: Writing for the ear (audio)
Lecturer: Joe Hawkins

  • How writing for the ear is different to writing for the eye
  • Terminology and techniques
  • Establishing characters, stories and mood
  • Actors vs voice-overs
  • Tips for creating compelling audio

Week 6: Writing for the eye (moving Media)
Lecturer: Lea Egan

  • Terminology & formats
  • Writing for on screen copy,
  • Writing for dialogue
  • Writing for VO
  • Writing a narrative
  • How to structure commercials, storyboards and scripts
  • Tips for creating compelling Ads

Week 7: Writing for Online & Social Media
Lecturer: Lucy Kough

Tips for writing for:

  • Websites
  • Banner Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Posts
  • EDM’s
  • Content pieces and Blogs

Week 8: Conclude and Review the Progress – Working Session Only

Wrapping up the course with the final review and summary of what we’ve covered

Participant feedback

I appreciated the industry insights, feedback and advice from the facilitator, and I really enjoyed the final assessment and the detailed feedback.

2023 Participant

The course was brilliant & it was a true privilege to have had the opportunity to learn so much more about the crucial & vital skills to write copy.

2023 Participant

I really enjoyed the practical skills for working in the ad industry, particularly selling in ideas, working empathetically with clients, staying resilient.
2023 Participant