AWARD Craft: Pitch Craft Workshop


A specially-curated workshop to inspire and foster the core creative skills of midweight creative teams & individuals.


In the current day-to-day life of an agency, Executive Creative Directors and Creative Group Heads simply do not have the time to provide midweight creative teams with the individual creative attention they need to grow, develop and build the capabilities to run an agency pitch. 

The ‘Pitch Craft’ Workshop has been established to provide actionable tools to help creative talent have the confidence to successfully originate and finish more compelling, complete, better crafted and more individualistic work – with a particular focus on the art of pitching. 

With practical training, intelligent insight, and hands-on participation, the workshop will take midweight talent on a journey of a new brand from the client brief to the final execution presentation – with realistic surprises and twists along the way. Participants will work with industry mentors who will share their pitching experience and provide valuable insight and advice throughout the workshop.

The two-day workshop has been originated by Jonathan Kneebone, Writer/Director and Co-founder of The Glue Society. Jonathan has been instrumental in the success of D&AD’s Brief to Broadcast, Rare Global and the forthcoming D&AD Shift – and is recognised as someone who has helped develop the careers of many creative talents in Australia.

Note: To ensure this workshop is available fairly across our 140+ members, we will permit up to two staff per agency brand office.

Curator & MENTORS


Mandie van der Merwe
Mandie van der Merwe
Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia
Julian Schreiber
Julian Schreiber
Partner & Chief Creative Officer at Special Group Australia
Sarah McGregor
Sarah McGregor
Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Creative
Jonathan Kneebone
Jonathan Kneebone
Co-Founder and Writer/Director, The Glue Society

Sydney Workshop Mentors: Day 1

Ant Melder
Ant Melder
Co-founder/Creative Partner at Cocogun

Sydney Workshop Mentors: Day 2

Who’s it for?

This course is aimed at turning your midweights (2-5 years experience) into pitch winners!

People who are ready to take more ownership of and active responsibility for their creative contribution.


DAY ONE: Brand Personality
Workshop Elements – Where we’ll uncover a brand and establish a brand mission, brand book and develop a brand personality – eventually writing a launch concept.

DAY TWO: Brand Behaviour
Workshop Elements – Where we’ll turn your raw thought into a three-dimensional character and personality, building and creating an entire brand vision.

To assist with learning, the workshop will be interactive and participatory. A project will be set during the workshop – allowing the opportunity for individual/team assessment. Prior to the workshop, participants will be asked to share a campaign they wished had been produced that wasn’t (this could be from a previous pitch experience).


It was an incredible workshop. The collaborative brief-to-presentation process was really insightful and effective.

The content was really great… The mentors were fantastic and really wanted to help, they made sure everyone got enough one on one time.

10/10. This was one of the most enjoyable and consolidating workshops I have ever been through. I loved being taken through the creative process in such a logical and guided way… it felt fun, collaborative and highly creative.