AWARD ‘Great work needs a great producer’


Commercial Producers Council Co-Chair Martin Box (Airbag) and guest speaker Karen Bryson (Collider) will present an informative, insightful and practical session for junior producers (members only).



Aimed at providing a practical appreciation of how a project comes to life through production, providing a deeper knowledge of the value that production companies bring during the pitch process and the pivotal role of production (and a great producer) throughout.

Curators & Chairs

Martin Box
Martin Box
Head of Production & Executive Producer, AIRBAG. Commercial Producers Council Co-Chair
Karen Bryson
Karen Bryson
Executive Producer, Collider

Who’s it for?

For junior agency producers and account service teams. ACA or CPC members only.


PART A: Production workshop

We’ll start with a practical session that aims to help participants understand how to break down a script/idea and ballpark the costs: what’s involved, how many shoot days, and what the key elements are that make a script/idea expensive and complicated to shoot.

In this session, participants will break off into smaller groups with a production company EP/Producer who will guide them through this process. We’ll then come together to compare each group’s conclusions.

As a result, you’ll have hands-on experience of one way to tackle the brief, but you’ll also then understand how different, additional thinking and approaches can complement an idea/script project when other teams have presented back.

PART B: ‘Out of the box’ creative project case study

Following the production workshop, we’ll take you through an award-winning and high-level creative project that relied on top-level production for success. The case study will be jointly presented by the agency and production company involved and will be followed by a panel and audience Q&A.

Participant feedback

I really enjoyed the breadth of topics covered from a range of perspectives.
This course gave a really great overview of the industry as a whole for someone who is new to it all.

2022 Participant

Insightful and overall welcoming!

2022 Participant